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10/28/12 1:09 A

Congratulations on reaching your goal, but (and yes there IS a but...!) Is it really a good weight for you? I note it is very low, and unless you are short, it may be too low. I also had a peek at your photos - one in particular were comments about your being tiny and thin. Then I had a look at your Fitness Trackers and see that you do AT LEAST 2 hours of exercise every day.

My thoughts are this (and I hope you aren't offended by them) - do you think it is possible that you could have a form of Body Dysmorphia? That is when we see something physically in ourselves that SEEMS like reality to us, but in fact is only in our head - others don't see us this way. I note that you have a Fitness Trainer and have been following his exercises and nutrition plan, but be aware that not all Fitness Trainers are well qualified - a large proportion don't have the extensive training that a Dietitian would have Nutritionally or that a Physiotherapist/Fitness Trainer would have. I don't know about where you live but here a person can have certification after a week-end of training!

As far as the loose skin is concerned, I have that too! On my stomach mainly. You can get really good bathing suits that have the 'slim fit' quality to them. That is that they have the firm stretch without being obvious. When I got out I often wear a tube that goes from under my breasts to the top of my thighs. Other people certainly don't have a clue. As far as your arms are concerned, it is possible you have what most of us mature woman have - just not tight arms but you MAY be confusing it with loose or saggy skin. It may ALSO be that you have very little muscle for your skin to attach to and the skin is still catching up to that big weight-loss.

I hope that you find what you are looking for and wish you well in your search.

Take care,

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10/27/12 11:35 P

First, CONGRATULATIONS on hitting your goal: that must feel awesome! Second, I understand how you feel: I've lost about 40 pounds so far, and spent so much time obsessing over the loose skin on my upper arms a few months ago that my poor boyfriend (who is thin and athletic) resorted to waggling his relaxed bicep at me while yelling "Look! Mine moves too! YOU ARE NORMAL."

Honestly, though, the skin thing is probably not as serious as it feels to you. I'm sure that if you wore a sleeveless top people wouldn't have to shield their eyes when they pass you on the street from the SHEER HORROR. You probably look great! Those pics you see in magazines of people who have lost 37 million pounds and are now fitness models have often had the benefit of surgery, pro photography teams, and stuff like literally TAPING BACK loose skin/flabby bits before the picture is taken. Even people taking pictures of themselves and posting them on spark are going to pick pictures of themselves flexed/posed in such a way that they look their best: pictures aren't going to show you the same stuff that you see when you stand in front of the bathroom mirror and stare at yourself hatefully.

ALSO. Self-esteem cheerleading aside: do you lift weights/do much serious strength training? I recently switched from mostly running for exercise to doing a lot more strength stuff in an attempt to break a plateau. Not only do I LOVE LOVE LOVE how I feel, but I just dropped some inches for the first time in forever, and my hated right bingo wing has essentially disappeared (the left one is still chillin', like "hey girl, just here to point out that your form when you work your left tricep is not up to par." Thanks, little buddy!). So I'm not saying that this will work for you, because everyone's body is different, but you might consider asking your trainer (your page mentions that you have one) about focusing more on building strength/lifting heavy weights and seeing if a shakeup in your routine helps at all with getting your skin back in shape.

Even if strength training DOESN'T help, in my own experience feeling strong and powerful makes me feel way, way better about my body, even the saggy bits. My belly still has some pretty obvious loose skin: I'm planning on wearing a bikini for the first time in my life next summer anyway, because I want to, and AMAZON WARRIORS DO WHAT THEY WANT. Anyone who can successfully make and hit such a major goal is clearly an Amazon warrior. That means you have been officially licensed to WORK IT in a sleeveless shirt, even if your loose arm skin hangs down to your knees. The only thing that anyone else will notice is how awesome, strong, and healthy you are!

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10/27/12 3:02 P

I think I read you lost 30 pou ds or was it 40 I'm 4 mo ths? It's possible your weight loss was too rapid for your skin to.rebound naturally.

I read you are going to a high school reunion, but you didn't mention your we age, skin becomes less elastic as well. Sun damage also can make skim less elastic.

You also have to consider honestly if this is a self-perception issue or a real issue.

I am 52. I won't wear anything sleeveless because I domt like my arms either, but my legs look okay and I certainly wear shorts. Leg weight at 150 down to 150 shouldn't have caused a huge amount of flabby skin, which is what makes me wonder how much is a self-perception issue.

For your height, 100 pounds may be ok, but it's still tiny. Give your skin in your arms time to catch up if there is too much skin hanging, and take the advice of doing some work on that area a couple of days a week, perhaps.

I've seen 5 foot people at 100 pou ds that were literally skin and bones. If there is no muscle, there is nothing to fill out that skin.

Hope your reunion goes well

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10/27/12 1:58 P

I agree withe everyone else. I, too, have sagging skin on my arms belly and thighs from losing 50 pounds 4+ years ago(ok, I the belly is from having 5 kids :) ). I also scar easily so it non-elastic skin seems to be my genetic lot. You are probably the only one noticing your skin. Please wear clothes you enjoy, don't wait until you have achieved some ideal before you deserve them.

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10/27/12 1:28 P


We are our own worst critics. Flaws we see in ourselves, no one else sees. Remember being in high school ? What was one of the worst things that could happen to a girl before a big date or a prom ? We'd get a zit. Mind you, we didn't get a teeny tiny zit, we all got zits right in the middle of our foreheads where everyone would see them. No amount of makeup could hide them. They were the size of Everest as far as we were concerned back then.

You know what ? We were the only person that noticed. No one cared if we had a zit or not.

I know you think you're not good enough to wear shorts or short sleeved shirts, but you are selling yourself short. You have sagging skin ? So ? I do too ! That doesn't stop me from dressing comfortably. Like I said, no one cares if I have any sagging skin or not. Why ? because EVERYONE has flaws. No one is perfect. Perfection is an illusion designed to sell products to insecure women.

You should not be ashamed of having sagging skin. You should not be ashamed to wear comfortable clothing that shows some skin. No one out there is in a position to criticize you because once again, everyone has flaws.

Be compassionate to yourself as you would to others.

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10/27/12 12:09 P

Maybe you should think about why you're so 'desperate' to look good? That sounds like more of a self-esteem issue. I mean, you titled your thread "ugly skin".....
I don't know about you, but I've got stretch marks, veins sticking out of my legs, and sagging skin.....the only difference is I don't actually feel ugly. At all. I started seeing a counselor, and it really helped me accept ME, and stop comparing myself to others.
That might be something you want to consider....

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10/27/12 9:39 A


As to how quickly your skin will rebound depends on many factors (age, time frame you lost the weight) but the most important one is our genetics. For some people their skin rebounds quickly, however for others, it takes time. If you have not done any strength training exercises, you may want to give that a try and just know that it may take some more time.

Coach Nancy

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10/27/12 8:40 A

Even though I have reached my ultimate goal weight, I STILL hate my body because I have loose skin on my arms and legs, even with exercising every day. I am desperate to look good in sleeveless things (NEVER EVER wear them now) shorts, bathing suits - especially bathing suits. So many people have lost more weight than I did (I lost 46 pounds) and I see their pictures, and their arms look fine. I don't know what to do - I can not afford surgery.

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