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2/8/13 5:54 P

I have PCOS and am on Metformin 500 mg x 3 times per day. When I was first diagnosed the doctor had me on a modified diabetic diet, which focused on pairing proteins with carbs and on replacing high GI foods with lower GI foods. Even when I was strictly following that diet, there was ABSOLUTELY nothing that I HAD to avoid. Some choices were better than others, and the ones that were less tended to cause some pretty significant reactions with the medication so it was easier to avoid those choices.

I still don't ban any food from my diet because of PCOS. I choose whole grain carbs over processed carbs 99% of the time (my SO and daughter refuse to eat brown rice, so most of the time I make white rice, but other than that, everything in the house is whole grain). I read labels for sugar content and added sugar before looking at overall calories or fat content. I've stopped worrying about low GI fruits versus high GI fruits though, because I find that it's more important to get more servings of fruit and veg in my diet rather than balancing the GI on those items. I still pair protein with carbs most of the time.

My diet was actually pretty darn healthy, all things considered. What made the difference for me was not so much what I ate, but how much of it I ate, and exercise.

I tend to question any professional who tells me to ban anything completely without a solid rational behind it. That's just me though. I second the recommendation that you speak to a registered dietician, especially one that's familiar with diabetics, since the same sort of diet may help you. Other than that, I'd get clarification from your endocrinologist on what he meant by 'no carbs'. If he meant no refined carbs, easy enough. If he meant no grains, then still not so bad. If he really meant absolutely no grains or vegetables, I'd be asking him why and how that would affect my long term health.

Just my two cents...

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Have you talked to a registered dietician? Ask your doctor for a referral. They can work with your medical history to help you find a diet that works for you.

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Ok, so I spent years going to various docs for various symptoms. Ingrown hairs (very painful), acne, weight issues, facial hair, sleep issues, and whatever else I'm brain farting on... Finally, after my cholesterol jumped up, I talked to a friend of mine, and she suggested PCOS... bloodwork and ultrasound confirmed it (when I suggested it). Anyways, I got diagnosed in September and after doing some research, I read that we should eat according to the Glycemic Index. Well, I wasn't losing weight, even with Metformin 500x3 and eating healthier than I ever have. I was eating a lot more fiber, more greens, less processed crap, less fast food, and more grown foods. I also increased tons of vitamins.

I finally decided to go to an endocrinologist, more specifically a reproductive endocrinologist familiar with PCOS today. He ran blood work to check my thyroid and adrenal functions. While I wait for those results, he is increasing my metfomin to 1000x2 a day. In the mean time, he said NO carbs... None... Meat he said... But I know better. right? I mean, don't I need greens so help the food go through?

So I'm wondering what foods you ladies avoid besides rice, breads, potatoes... What else do I have to give up to get healthy?

And how many of you are seeing a GI doc? I think my gallbladder is on it's way out, but besides that, one day I'm constipated, the next I have loose... I can't seem to find a balance. Suggestions welcomed. -Thanks.

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