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5/29/07 12:18 A

Can't believe I paid to watch "RAMPAGE" Destroy Liddel in only 48 seconds. Glad there were some other good bouts on the card.

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5/25/07 4:50 P

I cant stand andy wang or gabe "cry baby" rudiger. But the fight saturday night will be awesome. Anyone ever seen a life UFC?

SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
5/25/07 12:57 P

Liddel v Page tomorrow, I'm supped!

Great episode of TUF last night, should generate the biggest ratings yet for the show.

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5/18/07 4:39 A

about tuf.. i wonder if andy wang moving to team pulver has any interesting future implications..

.. that kid was acting like little bitch about the whole team thing.. i mean.. i totally sided with dana about the whole thing..

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SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
5/12/07 8:11 P

chuck vs page
karo parysian vs josh burkman
ivan salavarry vs terry martin
keith jardine vs houston alexander?
chris leben vs kalib starnes

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5/12/07 7:43 A

oooh ooooh oooh.. anyone else interesting on the card (i'm too lazy to open up a new browser at the moment)..

SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
5/9/07 11:18 P

26th of this month

LITTLE-LUEY Posts: 1,287
5/9/07 7:24 P

when is this fight going to be?

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5/9/07 5:22 P

I hoping for chuck to win. And on the gabe subject, that dude is a serious punk. I would love to train with that guy and see were his skill level is.

SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
5/8/07 5:00 P

Yeh, I just don't see it being the same fight second time around. Chuck has completely perfected the art of picking guys apart on his feet and being able to stay off the mat. Rampage comes in for the takedown he goes out, he tries to slug with Liddel he goes out.

However, with all the upsets recently, can't say I'd be surprised to see things go the exact opposite as I expect.

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5/8/07 8:05 A

so who's going to win.. iceman? or rampage?

.. i dunno.. but it's going to be a quick one.. if rampage has a tough jaw, can successfully take a few shots, and get past chuck's takedown defense, i'd say him..

.. but how many other times have you said that about everyone else who's fought the iceman..

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5/5/07 9:42 A

about tuf.. that gabe is a freakin punk..

DMATHYS Posts: 6
4/29/07 9:31 P

I can't believe Crocop walked out after seeing his leg twisted under.

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4/29/07 9:03 P

i find cory annoying.. but attitude/intimidator-wanna-be aside, he would make quite the nasty fighter.. long reach.. want to kill you mentality.. and he seems like he's a sponge with new techniques.. can't go wrong with any of those traits..

can't wait to see that replay..

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MRRYDE Posts: 302
4/29/07 5:02 P

it was fun to watch Crocop get knocked out by Gonzaga. That had to be one of the best UFC knockouts ever

SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
4/29/07 4:05 P

Always glad to see another fan... about the coaching, it was telling on an interview with both of them that BJ said he'd never do it again and didn't really enjoy it, while Jens said he'd love to go and do it all over again. This was on the night right before they aired the first episode. From that point on I figured Jens would be the more involved and quality coach. Seems to be true thus far... I'm very excited as well to see Cory fight this week.

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4/29/07 2:37 P

hey guys.. i just found this post and am glad to see there are some ufc fans on here.. i'm one as well, but don't have the time to keep up with all the going-ons..

.. reading a couple of posts down, i'm now pissed that i missed ufc 70 for free..

couple things.. i was surprised to see that serra managed to beat gsp for the title fight.. i guess i'll have to wait for an unleashed to catch that action..

i'm excited to see jens pulver and bj penn get it on for the tuf finale.. that'll be interesting to see.. it's been a long time coming, huh? but i do have to say, i see jens pulver doing a better coaching job than bj - which sucks because i think bj is definitely better rounded.. hopefully, that's more of an editing job than the truth..

SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
4/25/07 12:39 P

The really great thing about the CC lose (I was dissapointed) is that it seems to set up an Arlovski vs. CC for the winner of the Couture/Gonzaga fight. On paper this match has the makings of a classic... the question is which Arlovski and which CC will show up, hopefully the top versions of each.

BRIANW-76 Posts: 293
4/25/07 10:24 A

He never saw that kick coming.

Or actually, I think he did but was expecting it at the ribs (his arm kind of tucked in a bit), but either way, he went down like a sack of coal after that.

The rest of the fights were mostly underwhelming but the Bisping fight was good.

GOLFPRO SparkPoints: (65,025)
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4/24/07 7:07 P

Very shocking!

The Arlovski fight was boring, and the Bisping fight was GREAT! I bet Bisping ends up being a contender in the next 2-3 years.

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4/24/07 4:55 P

Did anyone catch UFC 70? The Cro Cop fight was shocking.

SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
4/5/07 5:18 P

Fights on spike tonight from 8-10 then the premier of the TUF from 10-11. Can't be free fights!

GOLFPRO SparkPoints: (65,025)
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3/28/07 12:16 A

yeah, those will all be good fights....but about how about the one after that.....Lidell vs Jackson!!!! You know Chuck wants some revenge for his loss to Jackson in Pride.

SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
3/27/07 11:00 P

Also for those who don't follow as closely as I do... UFC 70 is not going to be a PPV due to the fact that Zuffa thought this would be their first HBO show... (not to be confused with 69 which will be a PPV and air on April 7th) the HBO deal has not gone through yet and it was to late to schedule for a PPV at that point.

UFC 70 will be shown on Spike on a tape delay on April 27th starting at 9:00 US Eastern.

This event will feature Cro Cop, Arlovski and Bisping to name a few... Certainly worthy of $40 and we will all get to see it for free!

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SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
3/27/07 10:54 P

The UFC is regularly shown on Spike TV. They have a new season of The Ultimate Fighter that will begin airing in April (this is the UFC's reality show). They also show what is called UFC Unleased and this show highlights past fights, its a great way to understand how today's events came into place... and if you haven't seen the fights they are new to you.

If you are really interested in UFC you can catch live fights on Spike on April 5th (a thursday) starting at 8:00 US eastern time.

The UFC also holds PPV about once a month... the next airing in April as well, this one will be held on April 7th (a Saturday) and can be had for $40. PPV will begin at 9:30 I assume, as this is the standard air time.

Pride also holds PPV's and they have a UFC Unleashed type show that airs on Fox Sports Network (though all of this may change as Pride was just bought out by the fellas that own the UFC as you can see below)... however, this show is on at sporadic times and is often preempted in certain areas, you can never really bank on a time to watch this, you just have to get lucky while guide surfing.

Head to to find out more, they will have listing for all upcoming shows.

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3/27/07 10:46 P

I'm stoked! What a huge deal. I can't wait to see Fedor fight some of the guys from UFC. While I do love watching UFC, Fedor is the toughest man in the world and will dominate.

HIKE_IT Posts: 332
3/27/07 9:45 P

Ok, so where do I watch a UFC fight? I saw it once in a hotel and have not been able to find it since. It was amagingly brutal and captured my attention.

SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
3/27/07 1:41 P

Yup, right now the word is the Pride won't really change... but we will get one PPV a year where fighters from each org will square off in a super event. This is really going to open many more doors for the sport as now your really do have all the best fighters in the world under one roof.

RUSS1985 Posts: 3,365
3/27/07 12:14 P

Just FYI:

NEW YORK -- The majority owners of Ultimate Fighting Championship have agreed to buy their biggest mixed martial arts rival, Pride Fighting Championships, in a deal that will establish megafights among the outfits' titleholders and possibly attract huge pay-per-view audiences.

Company executives declined to comment on the sales price, but a person familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press that brothers Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta will purchase the Japan-based Pride for less than $70 million. The person was not authorized to speak to reporters and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The deal was completed Tuesday and was announced during a news conference in Tokyo, where Lorenzo Fertitta has been negotiating with Nobuyuki Sakakibara, the majority owner and chief executive of Dream Stage Entertainment Inc., Pride's owner.

"This is really going to change the face of MMA. Literally creating a sport that could be as big around the world as soccer. I liken it somewhat to when the NFC and AFC came together to create the NFL."
-- Lorenzo Fertitta, one of UFC's majority owners

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3/4/07 11:59 A

Great fights last night. Couldn't believe that Sobral got knocked out so hard!

The Couture fight was amazing. Tim Sylvia has just not had to face anyone with the type of game Couture has. I bet we see Cro-Cop vs. Arlovski, then the winner gets Couture. Cro-Cop is amazing, I'd love to see him fight Couture.

While it would be exciting, I can't imagine that Hughes/Pierre and Franklin/Silva would be on the same card. Both rematches, both big fights, both title fights. It would be fun though!

I stil think that UFC will end up signing Fedor or his brother over from Pride. Fedor is the baddest man on the planet, and his brother is top 3 of the baddest men on the planet. I would love to see them come over here.

SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
3/4/07 11:25 A

Rich and Matt looked great in coming back from big loses, but obviously the fight of the night was Couture's upset of big Tim Sylvia. What a dominating fight from Couture, amazing that a 43 year old man can win the Heavy Weight belt!

Lots of intersting fights can be set up after this PPV, mainly some combo of Cro Cop, Couture and Arlovski will come to fruition at some point. Throw in the new signing of Werdum (former top Pride HW) and the UFC heavyweight division is looking really intersting now a days.

We might also see, Hughes/St. Pierre III and Franklin/Silva II on the same card. Dana White implied they may both be on a return PPV visit to Ohio.

RYCO713 Posts: 54
2/8/07 2:26 P

I was @ the Chuck & Tito fight and sad to say it was not worth watching the Iceman rocked Tito again and the fight was stopped way too early.


SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
2/4/07 11:47 A

Good night of fights last night... Rampage and Cro Cop did not dissapoint in there debuts! Cro Cop looked like an assasin out there.

Silva looked good in his win against the moronic Lutter (who doesn't make weight for a title fight?)

I was highly dissapointed that Tyson Griffin looked rather lost in his match last night, a lot of hype behind the kid to be the next lightweight champ and he loses a tough bout.

Next PPV looks to be good as well

FAIRBANKSK SparkPoints: (0)
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1/2/07 1:07 P

While the Chuck/Tito fight was worth watching, most of the other fights were over and done within the 1st round or shortly into the second....

It would be nice to see more of a beating emoticon

SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
1/2/07 10:26 A

Well an excellent set of fights on Saturday night... and the announcement that we signed Cro Cop and Rampage!

Bisping won in nice fashion, good first pay per view win for the up and comer.

Arlovski came back to get a nice win, that right he hit Pe de Pano with from the ground was one of the hardest punches I've ever seen thrown.

Forrest got upset, he'll have to get back on track.

And of course Liddell absolutly owned Tito, just a great fight for Liddell fans!

I called all the fights that were on TV and made some money from Bodog for a change... my friends who go off my advice were pleased as well.

Next PPV is going to be filled with some really big names, should be exciting

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SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
12/13/06 11:11 P

Well the Cro cop signing was NOT announced but the fights were pretty damn good. Besides it seems the rumors about Cro Cop end up as true anyway if you check out

Great news for the UFC. Tonight is just rolling for me tonight on sports.

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SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
12/13/06 1:07 P

Free fights tonight on Spike... after some big moves by the UFC (bought both the WEC and the WFA this week) look for another possible big announcement tonight... the signing of one Mirko Cro Cop

SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
11/30/06 3:47 P

It may be a week late but Georges St. Pierre looks like he may be the best the sport has ever seen after last weeks domination of Matt Hughes.

Also interesting note... on my cruise I meet a Croatian who trains with the one and only Mirko Cro Cop. This guy said he was a big time kick boxer in Croatia and that he still gets his butt handed to him when training with Mirko... scary!

Looking forward now to the huge matchup Liddell vs. Ortiz II

SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
11/12/06 10:36 A

Free UFC last night... I dvr'd it so I haven't seen it yet.

I figure I can post about boxing here too and last night seemed to prove that we do have a dominate heavyweight champ finally. Klitschko seems to be the real deal, I'm excited to see him fight again. Anyone else watch it?

KCRAFT Posts: 12
10/11/06 9:59 A

Yeah, we all knew it was going to be a repeat of the 1st and 2nd fight....

SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
10/10/06 11:55 P

Watched it tonight... can't say I saw it going any different. Tito will have a much much harder fight with Liddell. Liddell is just such a great striker and has unbelievable takedown defense I see him getting the ko again on Tito. Should make for a nice mega fight though.

SCHLOTTO SparkPoints: (0)
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10/10/06 8:45 P

Anyone else out there watching Tito-Ken 3?

10/3/06 9:22 A

I had 11 guys over my house for the last UFC. Two of us were cheering on B.J. Man I really thought he was going to do it. Hats off to Matt Hughes. At one point in that fight my house was so damn loud you couldn't anything Joe Rogan was saying and I had that TV volume cranked out. I swear when he was in that choke he could see the clock and knew he only need to endure the pain for 20 seconds and not pass out. The next round it was all endurance and B.J. just looked gassed. Started walking into straight jabs by Matt. All in all that was a really good UFC. Better then the last couple of payper views. The only other one I really enjoyed was the USA vs Canada UFC that one had some great fights.

SCHLOTTO SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 36
9/26/06 7:50 P

Another impressive fight by Swick too. I don't think he's ready for Franklin yet but in a couple fights it will be an interesting matchup.

SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
9/26/06 10:32 A

Thanks guys... I had to wait to order it until yesterday as my Grandfather passed last Thursday, so I was gone all weekend. All I'll say for the time being is that the event as a whole was really good and that I have never been that tense for a main event that does not include Rich Franklin. What a fight! Lets just say I was very relieved at the outcome.

Glad to see their are other fans as well.

AWARFORD SparkPoints: (0)
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9/26/06 8:35 A

I think the fight turned out as it should have. Won't say more about it til I know everyone has seen it. emoticon

SCHLOTTO SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 36
9/25/06 11:30 P

Im a big fan as well, this weekends card was a great one. I won't comment since I don't know if SINCEREX13 got to watch it yet.

AWARFORD SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 139
9/23/06 7:46 P

Me and my husband watch the UFC alot, especially the Ultimate Fighter series...I am not so much into the current one but he seems to like it. We are both hoping for Matt Hughes to win that fight, and also I like Swick (he was also on the Ult. Fighter show) either way as long as its a good fight I am happy!

CHRISTOPHERD SparkPoints: (0)
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9/22/06 3:37 A

I like it but we are way behind here in the philippines! Tank Abbot is still fighting!

SINCEREX13 Posts: 165
9/21/06 11:44 P

Big event up this weekend. Matt Hughes vs. BJ Penn. BJ was the last to defeat the champ Matt Hughes, but I think Matts game has improved enough that he will take this match.

Another interesting match for the Middleweights is David "The Crow" Loiseau vs. Mike "The Quick" Swick. We will find out if Swick is the real deal in this fight.

Also "Lil' Evil" Jens Pulver (who beat BJ once upon a time) fights on this card.

I'm excited for this card though I'm going to have to DVR it and watch it later on in the week.

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