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It's impossible for any of the members to diagnose your problem since we really don't know anything about you. For now, think RICE. rest the leg. put ice on it and keep it elevated. See how it feels in a day or two. if the pain/dull ache doesn't decrease on its own, you should consider talking to your doctor. no running. if you try to run before the legs heals, you risk making the injury worse than it already is. Take a few days off.

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9/6/12 4:10 P

I would go to your doctor. It could be a strained muscle or shin splints or the like, OR it could be something more serious, like a blood clot. Even if it is something minor, no time like the present to get a full check up!

Best of luck.

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Hello! I am new to the forums here and what not. I am a runner, obviously since 99% of people on here are , ANYWAY, I have been running for a few years, recently I have started lifting more weights & doing more lunges and squats with weights and what not this past week... last night I went on a short little run, but when I started running I felt a light twinge shoot down the front left of my right thigh. it was more inner/side of my leg....but it's NOT near my groin. more towards my knee cap/that whole little area...AH IM BABBLING!

i kept jogging and it started to wear off as i kept running. at first i thought i'd have to walk cause it hurt, but the pain eased as i kept running. it did NOT hurt when i walked.

today i am sitting on my couch now and i feel a dull ache feeling in that same area of my leg.

Anyone know what it is????? muscle strain? pulled muscle? the pain wasn't excruciating... just uncomfortable & it only hurt when i ran, and now it's just a dull achey feeling.


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