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JPRICEJR Posts: 28
1/6/11 9:14 A

I don't work away from home, but I still get my exercise in first thing in the morning. My kids go to school at different times so I workout in between. If they have off, I workout as soon as I get up in the morning. I just use DVD's and exercise videos so can do them right in the living room. They're a little older now so they know to wait till I'm finished if they need something but there are plenty of 15 minute routines you can do.

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1/5/11 3:37 P

I understand your dilemma because I have lived through it myself. The pressure of juggling all these roles can leave you feeling like you are treading water. I found that stepping back and looking at your values and what is most important in your life allows you to shift priorities. If health and fitness are priorities then we tend to find the time even if it is a few minutes here and there. Coleen

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1/5/11 2:49 P

I love working out when I get to it I now work out about an hour I do this in the morning while everyone is still asleep! that way it's out the way and I can go on to do what I have to do I just started doing this. I think this will work out fine.

XIXSTAR Posts: 41
1/5/11 2:38 P

I love going to the gym because it feels like 'me' time -- but it doesn't always happen. I'm still forcing exercise time in during the day now, 10 minutes at a time.

I'm using the spark bootcamp videos and doing them in the middle of the living room. They're simple enough that I don't have to change clothes (but I dress comfortable to begin with) and I can do them with the children around. I encourage them to do the exercises too and try to redirect the baby to stop crawling on me. Doing the exercises together gives you what you need and time with your children too.

Good luck!

1/4/11 2:00 P

Something I try to do as well is walk on my coffee breaks and lunch breaks, try to make it a brisk walk if you can to bring your heart rate up. Take the kids swimming or skating if that is an option, activities with the kids can be good cardio for you to. Try to think outside the box, working out does not always have to be in a gym like setting. emoticon

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1/4/11 11:44 A

You work out whenever you have time. 10 minutes here and there, or get up earlier and do it then, or when the kids are asleep.

1/4/11 11:13 A

I was doing so well about 6 months ago but then we started having troubles with our 7 year old acting out and we had to take him to some therapist I completely stopped working out. I work full time and am trying to get my own business off the ground, besides trying to keep my now 8yr old on track and then making sure my 5 yr old does not feel left out. When am I supposed to workout? I know I will feel better if I do but by the time I am done with everything else I am so worn out. Please help!

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