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RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
3/13/12 9:56 A

I can't believe it's been a year since I was on this message board. And I still love SPARK people.
I'm finding more and more ways to add exercise. Bowling on Thursday nights is just another way to have fun and keep active.

RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
3/14/11 9:37 A

Instead of treking over to the fitness center, I put the leash on my labrador and take her for a nice long walk. Great for her and even better for me!

WANT2BHEALTHY60 Posts: 240
3/14/10 8:38 P

I know it´s better to schedule time, but my life is topsy turvy; so I try for 5 times a week at least 20 min, and succeed most weeks. Have a treadmill in my home, and elliptical. Has helped tremendously

MZLADY77 SparkPoints: (61,592)
Fitness Minutes: (55,184)
Posts: 7,130
3/14/10 7:25 P

I go to the gym everyday after work, sometimes you can be busy or emergency come up. You do exercise at home
with dvd exercise. That better than nothing. emoticon

SANDIELD Posts: 2,418
3/13/10 1:09 P

Usually, I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Since I got my newest DVD, I have been getting up and working with it. It's only ten minutes but that a prayer makes a world of difference!

SAMMYLYNNE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,719)
Posts: 1,258
3/10/10 10:17 A

Everytime you take a step you are exercising. emoticon

BYEPOUNDS Posts: 7,204
3/10/10 1:44 A

today, I plan on going to the gym

DOOBIE893 SparkPoints: (63,576)
Fitness Minutes: (12,392)
Posts: 7,048
2/24/10 5:33 A

I have found that after a full day of work often with extended hours, I come home to my family and extended family and their issues become my issues. Today I am making time to exercise and do my 2 mile walk at 6 AM.

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BYEPOUNDS Posts: 7,204
2/24/10 4:53 A


RITAROSE SparkPoints: (166,052)
Fitness Minutes: (114,301)
Posts: 13,188
2/23/10 9:43 A

Was I ever happy this AM to make it to a very challenging water aerobics class that met at 5:45AM! I wasn't excited about the time, although I'm a very early am sorta person, I have other things I do at that time. I loved the class and then I walked for 30 minutes. What a great start to my day!

2/23/10 9:26 A

I drive 25 minutes to work and have join a gym in that town, it is now habit to go in early every day I work and go to the gym first. When I miss a day, I really notice my low energy level and over all feeling not as good.

BYEPOUNDS Posts: 7,204
2/23/10 1:51 A

not too far from me is a Y that is open til 9:30 pm, and I'm working on getting myself there...I've been resisting this.

2/21/10 12:30 P

What great advice! On Friday, Ian and I decided to walk to the grocery store instead of driving. It was an adventure instead of an errand!

BIGDAVEJ Posts: 819
2/21/10 12:24 P

Back in college days I had a track coach who preached, don't drive anytime you can walk, don't walk anytime you can jog, and don't jog anytime you can run. Amazing how many times a day a person can use this. emoticon

JULIE2719 Posts: 591
2/21/10 12:14 P

I have also stopped taking the elevator and just trying to find ways to walk more.

JULIE2719 Posts: 591
2/21/10 12:13 P

The tip that is helping me is that I tell myself I just have to do 10 minutes of cardio every day - knowing I only have to do 10 minutes gets me to the gym - even after a 12 hours shift at work when I am tired - but once I am there I usually do 30 minutes at least. But I tell myself I only have to do 10 ...

FREE2B160 Posts: 464
2/21/10 9:40 A

In the past I found I was most consistent when I made a point to go to the gym everyday. Then it becomes a daily routine, not a daily decision to contemplate. It doesn't have to be a gym routine, put aside even 10-15 minutes each day at home to exercise. Time for me to take my own advice!!!

DAY1955 Posts: 4
2/21/10 7:14 A

Taking the steps at work vs the elevator has made a difference in my breathing.

DAY1955 Posts: 4
2/21/10 7:13 A

Taking the steps at work vs the elevator has made a difference in my breathing.

DAY1955 Posts: 4
2/21/10 7:11 A

Taking the steps at work vs the elevator has made a difference in my breathing.

2/21/10 6:57 A

Make your health a priority. After 50, our bodies really need care to postpone or avoid health problems. We only get one body and it has to be looked after. Do you look after your car and ensure that it will get you around?

2/20/10 7:22 P

This is my biggest obstacle. I really need to start waking up earlier and doing it before work!

50PLUSBABY Posts: 279
2/19/10 12:30 P

Someone told me that if you sit on the stability ball
while watching TV you can bounce and tighten your abs as a form of working out. So moving form a couch to a ball can make a small difference., just a thought

BYEPOUNDS Posts: 7,204
2/18/10 7:03 P

I aim for every day at the pool, but don't make it every make it quite a few days a week.

TLSPEARS1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (83,771)
Posts: 1,435
2/11/10 8:00 P

I try to get at least strength training in each morning before showering.

3 or 4 days a week I try to walk at least 30 minutes. It is easier for me to get it done in the morning on the days I work from home and on the weekends.

2/11/10 6:39 P

It has to be made a priority. My workouts are not quite there, but I feel they should be on the same priority level as brushing my teeth - basic health -- top priority. Other things do have to give.

JACKIEPB Posts: 5,594
2/11/10 4:20 P

Use breaks at work for walking, but otherwise, if I don't exercise (DVDs) as soon as I get home from work, it probably wouldn't happen later in the evening.

2/11/10 8:32 A

It is hard trying to fit in everything. I try to fit in minutes during the day, park the car further away, take steps when I can, and in the evening make myself stay away from the couch and the TV.

RITAROSE SparkPoints: (166,052)
Fitness Minutes: (114,301)
Posts: 13,188
2/11/10 7:27 A

Many other things in my life have had to give way so that I can concentrate on getting my exercise done daily. I long for time to sit and read for pleasure, but at the same time I'm glad I'm finally doing something for my health!

KEAUXALLA Posts: 1,100
2/10/10 6:23 P

I just bought the two Sparkpeople exercise DVDs. Each video is only 10 minutes. I figure I can fit in 10 minutes.

GAILRUU Posts: 10,210
2/10/10 6:03 P

I can always find time to exercise, even if I have to break it up into shorter segments. I also park as far away from the entrance to a store as possible and get some extra steps in that way. If you don't use it you lose it!

BYEPOUNDS Posts: 7,204
2/10/10 1:43 P

making it a rule to go to the pool every day...then when something happens and I can't make it, by the end of the week, well, then been there a nice amount of time

PATHFINDER52 Posts: 754
2/7/10 9:05 A

It is easier when the weather is warm and the day is sunny -- even getting away from my desk at work feels like an invitation to play. But in the winter (like now) even though I have indoor options, I can't seem to get my butt in gear.

I like the idea of setting short goals and accepting that a few minutes of exercise is better than my usual dose: zero.

Good thread!

MCKM57 Posts: 227
2/6/10 7:57 A

i have to xercise in early am or i dont at all. i go to curves every morning an burn between 500 and 700 calories a day except on sundays

URBANLOTUS Posts: 1,864
2/6/10 6:05 A

It's hard to make it a priority when it has never been something I have consistently done, but I'm trying. I bought an exercise ball and am having fun playing with it. It certainly helps me get more out of each exercise, and I figure ANY exercise is better than none, right?

BYEPOUNDS Posts: 7,204
2/6/10 4:50 A

Making it a priority is hard

DOOBIE893 SparkPoints: (63,576)
Fitness Minutes: (12,392)
Posts: 7,048
2/5/10 12:29 P

Thank you ALEXIAAG for the 3/10 suggestion. emoticon

How do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time.

BYEPOUNDS Posts: 7,204
2/5/10 6:38 A

I start with one minute

BANKER-CHUCK Posts: 6,781
2/5/10 1:43 A

If I can't find 60 min. to work out it is because I spend to much time making excuses.

ALEXIAAG Posts: 1,882
2/4/10 11:24 P

Try doing 3 - 10 minute segments of exercise during the day.

DENISEKJ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,410)
Posts: 411
2/4/10 9:52 P

Try QuickFire Team Challenge

Bathroom breaks -- squats, lunges, junping jacks, or anything you can - start small and grow stronger and do more in the same time

2/4/10 9:23 P

It is true...the day is already full...but when I move more...when I go for a brisk walk......

I feel good....

PILOTLADY53 Posts: 64
2/4/10 9:06 P

It is fun and relaxing but to find time to is not easy

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