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My wish is for your speedy and smooth recovery.

You have my empathy for the 'bumps in the road' both physical and mental. What has worked for me is to make a fresh start preceded by what I think of as a body/mind re-boot. I take one day to eat only fruits and vegetables with some whole grain like barley or brown rice. (DUKE UNIVERSITY DIET). It seems to reboot my attitude as well as my appetite and make it easier to stay in calorie range that is compatible with my activity/workouts.

Pamper yourself with rest and positive affirmations as you heal. emoticon

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9/19/12 2:24 P

From my past experience i know how hard is not to exercise when you are not well. Few years ago I had bad back pain so running wasn't an easy task.

You can't do nothing about it, just accept fact that you will have to take a break until you are better. It's not going to be forever!

I run myself 3 times a week. It was much easier to do it before I had a baby. Now I just wake up very early.

Why don't you enter for another marathon? Not now, in your own time. This way you will be able to concentrate on your training and feel more positive.

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9/19/12 1:26 P

I have felt myself slipping backwards for a few months now. I trained really hard for a 1/2 marathon which I ran in the spring. During that time I was able to eat a little more than when I started my weigh loss journey, all healthy but more. I was able to keep my workouts up until summer came and the kids were home and now even though the kids are in school, I started babysitting a toddler which means taking off and going running is not possible. All the time my diet stayed very similar to when I was training and my exercise was not consistent or as hard. Then right when I was finding a small routine, I got a horrible sinus infection which is now going into its 3rd week and 2nd round of medication. I of course am trying to heal, so I am not exercising. Plus the infection has spread to my chest so any cardio work hurts and would not be good for recovery. I have also been eating and not well. So today, I am trying the very similar techniques I used when I first started.... track the food(whatever it is or how bad), drink the water, and ask for help. I know my body has not changed much and I have not gained much back but I feel the "mental" game changing. I don't feel motivated and I don't want to slip too far back.

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