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7/11/12 3:11 P

My 4 year old has autism too. Thankfully, right now he is addicted to Spongebob or I would never get a workout in. Today I sneaked in 30 minutes when my 2 yr old took a nap and the oldest went to his room to watch spongebob. I can't do the Wii fit because both kids try to knock me off the Good luck!!

7/8/12 9:55 P

As the mom of two special needs boys (developmental and physical delays) and an active 3 year old girl. I can understand the problem. What works best for me is to use dvds before they wake up and have breakfast ready on the table in case they wake up before I'm done. Otherwise, I try to do a simple walking video when they are awake, or play Wii Fit. They participate as to their abilities on the dvd and the three year old likes to point out their miis on the Wii.

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7/4/12 2:40 P

Tough one, not sure I can help you here. I guess you just need to grab what ever moments you have free if they are not allowing you any free time when around. Remember, nutrition is 80% of the equation, so that you should be doing anyway since you have special needs in the house and a good balanced diet is something that might also help them in their conditions. After that, just remember that one doesn't need to do all the exercises at one time. You can also do short burst of 10-15 minutes throughout the day when time allows. Keep the faith.

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7/3/12 1:32 P

children! YIKES! Now trying to add a healthy lifestyle in order to lose the 50 pounds that I gained after quitting smoking...I need help everyone! Both of my children have a form of autism and my husband has ADD. Some days are okay and others are just nutzo. Any thoughts on how to fit in an exercise regimen? emoticon

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