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I've seen a lot of people on this site report that feeling and, really, you are talking about two things:
1) visualizing yourself thin (like an actual visual)
2) and letting go of the emotional aspects of being overweight...basically accepting that you are losing part of your identity and forming a new identity.

Number 1 can be done in all sorts of ways. As the other poster said, looking through old clothes and photos, playing around with photoshop or other tools online. Looking at photos of women your age and height but of different sizes and so on.

Number 2 is far move complex and not easy at all. The simple answer to that one is "fake it until you make it". For the next few months, focus on the step right in front of you. The small change in your size that will make a tangible aspect of your life better. Examples? Not being winded going up the stairs...fitting into some older seasonal clothes so that you don't have to replace them, being more comfortable on your feet walking. Those sorts of things. And as you enjoy the little results you may come to find yourself accepting the bigger picture. When you find yourself going down that thought road, change the subject for right now. Ease into it.

But broadly speaking, I think you will be surprised how you mentally change during this process. I sure have been. I used to have all of these hangups about my body, about people taking photos, about men and how they viewed me. I was officially overweight since before puberty and that was who I was for those decades of my life. Yet I look at myself now and I find I am still the same person but I just seem to have lost all of those hang ups somehow. I didn't work to lose them, they are just gone. Every once in a while it hits today. I hit a new weight low and I wondered if I would fit into a CK business dress that I bought at goodwill about two months ago (motivation!). It fit perfectly. It is a size 4. I was thinking about how tight it was in places, how the entire cut of it would be something I would never even dream of attempting as my old self. Without even trying (and doing the faking it until I made it thing), I have ended up with confidence that I have never had in my life. It just snuck up on me.

I will say that I, like everyone else, started a ton of diets and quit them all due to lack of motivation. This time was different somehow. I had a lot of support from my boyfriend, but I also decided that this was the most important thing in my life at the moment and that everything else needed to take a back seat to this. That was my motivation, I made getting healthy my life. Now it isn't my focus anymore but that is after 6 months of working on getting on the correct path.

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My visualization when I was overweight was to fit in the clothes I had 'outgrown' and enjoy new clothes.

It surprised me to find that I had so so so much more energy, that moving became a celebration, that I was happier and had a rewarding feeling from mindfully fueling my body with clean nutrient rich food. The determination to retrain my taste buds to crave whole fresh clean food was boosted when I realized if unhealthy habits can be formed they can be replaced with healthy ones. It is a process. Along the way you learn patience, perseverance and consistency which empowers other parts of you life with these attributes. Replace the empty feeling with positive affirmations and get excited about the fit, healthy, energy enhanced vibrant you, that you can be. emoticon

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Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone else is struggling with visualising what it would be like (and will be like) to hit a target goal?

When I visualise being thin, I get this very empty feeling in my gut - like something is missing. I know this is completely psychological, but wondered if anyone had any insight into letting the weight go?

I'm currently at an all time high (at 217 lbs) and am really struggling to get motivated to start trying to lose weight (again...).


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