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11/15/12 5:50 A


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11/15/12 4:12 A

I like both

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11/15/12 12:59 A

If you like one more than the other, do that and then when you hit a plateau switch to the other to change things up for your body. I prefer the elliptical because it's less stress and jarring on my body.

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11/15/12 12:39 A


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11/14/12 9:38 P

I use both, think elliptical is a better workout for me

11/14/12 9:05 P

Thank you! I like the elliptical so much better and I also feel like it works my upper body. The article helped a lot! Trying my hardest to stay motivated!

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11/14/12 3:50 P

I like the elliptical better as it burns more calories in the same amount of time.

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11/14/12 2:14 P

Personally I like the elliptical trainers more as I think they work my whole body with the handlebars. By adding HIIT and increasing your incline/resistance on either machine is going to help with a higher calorie burn, and fat burn as well!
Here are some articles I found on the two:

Hope this helps! I think either one should help you to reach your goals as long as you are working hard and it's just a more personal preference, which one is going to keep you motivated and keep you on track to working out!

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11/14/12 7:45 A


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11/14/12 6:37 A

I should elaborate to say that I find it quite boring too, however I make it a PART and not the entire makeup of my exercising. I try to keep moving all day by doing household chores, mainly laundry, because I do at least a load a day around here, picking up my toddler's toys is a never ending one too, and I make sure I dont sit on the floor to do it, but bend and pick up every single item one at a time.

I also play wii fit games with the kids, and they actually like my Zumba dvds too. If you work outside the home all day long sitting at a desk there are some great videos on here from Coach Nicole about things you can do while sitting at your desk, and you can keep some athletic shoes in your desk perhaps and take a walk around your building or something on your breaks and lunch hour.

Either way, keep trying different things until you find something that hits the spot with you. When I'm on my treadmill it unfortunately has to face a wall as thats the only place I could put it, so I put my tablet on the stand and watch a movie, read on my kindle app, etc. so I have something to distract me. It also covers up the numbers so I am not staring at my time or distance etc. You'd be surprised how fast the time can go when you aren't focusing on those numbers changing on your screen.

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11/14/12 4:23 A

It's not the equipment that matters, but rather the duration and intensity with which YOU work out. If you crank up the speed and/or resistance/incline, you will hit the limits of your (current) fitness, long before you hit the limits of the equipment.

The elliptical is low-impact, and can be easier for those with joint issues.

The treadmill is a much more natural motion, and can be a good poor weather alternative to running/walking outside.

But the exercise that burns the most fat is the one you keep doing. And from this perspective, find something that you actually enjoy, as it is more likely you will stick to it.

You say that working out isn't your cup of tea - well, I can understand that - machines like the treadmill or elliptical are fundamentally boring. Walking or running outside at least has constantly changing scenery. Some people find the 'social' aspect of a group fitness class more enjoyable. Others find something like Zumba or a dance DVD at home to be positively fun, and takes all the 'work' out of workout. Keep experimenting until you find a form of activity this IS enjoyable.


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11/14/12 3:00 A

A few ideas:

1. You may be thinking of exercise as the biggest hurdle of life right now. Many sedentary people do think that way. I used to think like that. But it has to change. You need to work on making exercise enjoyable to you.

2. Burning more calories is not a good enough reason to change exercises. Burning too many calories can be problematic if you fail to control your hunger. Essentially the success in fat loss depends on how you manage your hunger at a caloric deficiency for an extended period of time. You must burn just the right amount of calories through exercise so that you can successfully manage your hunger over the long term.

3. Exercising on an elliptical machine has the advantage that the joints/ligaments/tendons are not stressed as in running. In running, you must support two to three times your body weight every time your feet hit the ground. In elliptical machine this does not happen. As a result, coming from a sedentary lifestyle, it is far easier to exercise on an elliptical machine than on a treadmill, and hence you may end up burning more calories on it than on a treadmill simply because you would get tired faster on a treadmill.

4. If you plan to take up running over the long run, which is a great exercise, it is better to get used to the treadmill or to running outside. So you may want to mix some treadmill workout to your weekly exercise schedule, gradually increasing its proportion as you progress in your running ability. You can still use the elliptical machine whenever you feel like it.

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11/14/12 12:19 A


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11/14/12 12:10 A

I prefer the elliptical trainer

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11/13/12 10:59 P

I like to use both as part of my workout.

I feel that I get a better workout on the elliptical, especially when I put it on a high setting

JBEAUFORD Posts: 343
11/13/12 10:03 P

I prefer a treadmill as my last resort if I can't go outside to walk/run. Elliptical put a lot more stress on joints but you can do more longer on a treadmill in my you can find one cheap on places like Craigslist. I bought one a few months ago like new condition for 25.00. When I went to go pick it up I noticed it still had a price sticker from Dicks sporting goods on the frame...for 1299.00. I'd say I got a good deal and I've easily got my 25.00 use from it. No option for a gym here so its my best choice.

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11/13/12 9:59 P

Hi Lexapaige,

You can't rush the process to lose weight. This journey is one you will be on for a lifetime. In other words this must become your way of living which is why your focus should be on what you enjoy and not necessarily the activity that burns the most calories, especially if it is one you do not enjoy.

Coach Nancy

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11/13/12 9:40 P

Don't rely too heavily on what the calorie count from the machines tell you because they are going to be off... they are 2 different forms of exercise. If you're using the treadmill, you're solely relying on your own body weight whereas on the elliptical, the temptation may be there to lean on the handles or whatnot and so you really aren't getting the full benefit from it.

But if you are just starting to become a runner, it is higher impact to be running, albeit it is much nicer to start out running on a treadmill where it is more cushioned than say running outside on asphalt.

Either way, you'll be getting a good workout in as long as you are doing it with 100% and not letting yourself slack off.

11/13/12 8:47 P

I recently started using the treadmill because I heard that running burns the most fat, BUT I according to the machines I burn more calories on the elliptical. To be honest working out isn't my cup of tea and I wish I didn't have to do either, but unfortunately you can't lose unless you work. So my question is: What will help me burn more fat and help me lose the weight faster?

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