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7/19/12 11:08 P

emoticon Hi, all!

Everyone's emoticon to join us on the We Love Trader Joe's Spark Team!

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7/19/12 3:44 P

Oh, I had those balsamic roasted veggies last night too! They are sooooo good!

7/19/12 3:41 P

My friend loves the "$2 Chuck" aka Charles Schmaker (?). We tried the Merlot and loved it. It's $3.xx here, not $2, but that's ok!

I also tried the coffee with the soymilk creamer and it rocked! Their soymilk is the best I've tasted. I'll also agree about the frozen foods. Last night we cooked up the vegetables in balsamic sauce and they were good! You need to eat a small portion, though, because it has butter in it!

Thanks for starting this thread!

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7/19/12 12:08 P

I love Trader Joes and find their food the most economical for healthy eating on the market! I absolutely love their stuff! I work full time and I am a single mom so I find that I like the meals that they have in the frozen section. There eggplant is really good as is their lasagnas, eggplant parm. I just check the calories, etc. If I can find a meal under 300 calories, I usually stock up those. I put a salad on the side and I have dinner for 400 calories. Made easy to boot. I love Trader Joes! They make food and cooking so easy!

I am def going to try those chicken wontons!

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7/6/12 3:34 P


SHAN2009 Posts: 148
7/4/12 2:20 P

I love Trader Joe's, as does my family. We buy bruschetta in a jar that I use on toast (instead of butter) with my eggs and on veggie burgers. They have the most delicious Vegetable Masala Burger. You have to try it! At $2.49 per package of four, it's much cheaper than other not nearly so good tasting veggie burgers.

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6/30/12 3:12 P

Thanks for the ideas! On my way now to pick them up :)

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6/28/12 10:29 A

Mini chicken cilantro wontons. They are meant as an appetizer (4 to a serving) but at only 50 calories a serving, you could make them the basis for a hearty meal.

ODDLOTS Posts: 213
6/27/12 8:19 P

My wife and I stopped by weekend before last and I picked up the "Just a Handful" almond packs, some awesome little goat cheese medallions (helps with portioning), steamed beets for salads, and of course a lot of prepared things like the egg white salad with chives, veg sushi, prepared salads, and avocado hummus (which I'm about to dig into now). I love a lot of their pre-portioned stuff for keeping my snacking in control and making it easier to pack lunches for work.

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6/21/12 12:36 P

I get a lot of stuff from Trader Joe's that I work into other recipes. Plus, they have a great salad for a low-calorie diet - their Pasadena salad (which I know is available in SoCal, dunno about other areas) is wonderful if you skip the dressing and just eat the other stuff. (Course, the dressing is tasty, too!)

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6/21/12 8:06 A

Well, I stumbled across something the last time I was there and I'm not sure how healthy they are but in the snack food aisle they these small bags of fried green beans and they were delicious and very addicting!

Sorry dont mean to be a bad influence.


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6/19/12 6:11 A

Going next week but haven't been for ages. Anything new and good at this time????

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