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4/18/12 8:18 A

Thank you both for your very valuable input. Perhaps micro-managing certain aspects of my diet is not such good idea after all. This is such a great tool to have and well, its a "guy thing" to want to tinker with something that's not really broke. lol. I'm sure I will be back now and then on the various boards to further interject or tap your brains for information. Have a great day!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/17/12 3:37 P

So many wonderful and healthy foods are almost entirely fat (well above 30%). Nuts and avocados are almost all fat, and of course olive oil is too. But these are healthy fats for your body and in moderation through your entire day help you to achieve your fat total.

IOW, like the PP, I suggest you ditch this supposed well-meaning piece of advice. It wouldn't be useful to sparkers to add this to the tracker, as it simply isn't useful in the first place.

Just watch your totals - and don't worry too much about individual items. Obviously a small handful of nuts is far better fat choice than the rind from 6 strips of bacon. If you make sensible choices you don't have to worry too much about individual items.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,344
4/16/12 9:36 A

It is more important to keep your day's total of fat under control rather than worry about any particular item. If you follow the SP food tracker, your fat will be within its range. If one thing you eat is 70% fat, then you just balance the rest of the day to accommodate it.

4/15/12 3:06 P

As often as I hear that its important to try not to eat anything with over 30% calories from fat, wouldn't it be nice to have that information automatically calculated in a column next to Calories, Carbs, Fat, and Protein? I know some foods such as oil, eggs, etc are gonna be over the mark most if not all the time but the majority of food nutrition labels show the amount of fat calories so why not use the nutrition tracker to calculate it for us? Or, and I'm not sure if this is a valid way of figuring % of fat from calories but, using the Daily Totals to do the math and come up with a % for the entire day overall rather than individual item by item %'s. Whichever would be more useful to the members.


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