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9/18/11 2:50 P

I'm 59 and have made some unhealthy choices in my life. The past 10 years I've devoted to improving my health in numerous ways. Exercise is a piece I added 2 years ago (when I was 57). Your desires for your dad are so loving, but I know that everyone makes their own choices and no amount of persuasion will change his mind. He will come to his own health decisions. We "get it when we get it", unfortunately. Some of us are stubborn and strong willed.

The best thing you can do is continue to be a healthy role model, by your own actions. Sounds like your mom is already doing that, as well. My husband is almost 61 and finally quit smoking and is walking with me. But, it had to be his decision, not mine. Hard to watch, I know, but it is the reality of life.

Your dad has so many healthy habits that can be praised and encouraged!!! My husband plays golf and I don't, but I am willing to go to the driving range with him and hit a bucket of balls. I join him in his horse interests and ride. Meanwhile, I keep up my running and exercise to model the joy of being fit in an overall health plan.

Good luck, and your dad is fortunate to have such a loving and caring daughter. God Bless You.

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9/16/11 10:36 P

Go for aa leisurely stroll

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9/14/11 11:38 P

Sounds like your dad eats really good. In my opinion, your dad snacking on fruit at night is completely awesome. It demonstrates that he values good eating habits. My dad snacks on ice cream.

Is your dad social? Does he have good friends and enjoy being around friends? Research has shown that good food, good friends and a healthy social life are as good as exercise.

My dear old dad has never exercised, but has always had a reservoir of great friends in his life. He has also eaten healthily, though he loves his ice cream and sweets. My dad is 85 and going strong. And he's always been a little overweight.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if your dad has friends and eats good, he's probably fine. If he is somewhat reclusive, try to persuade him to exercise.

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9/14/11 4:48 P

I admire your desire to help him. Here are my thoughts: He's not healthy enough if exercise isn't a part of his regimen. I wish he weren't reluctant to walk with you. That's half the battle! Why won't he leave the house? Maybe you should make a deal with him. You will do something he wishes you would do (but you fight it) and he'll start walking with you...

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9/11/11 1:50 P

My dad is 57 y/o. He’s healthy but slightly overweight. He’s not into junk food, eat lots of fruits, but not veges, drink a lot of coffee and milk tea, likes to snack (on fruits - usually like a bowl of watermelon/mangoes/plums) late at night before bed and he plays golf like once a week and considers that as his exercise. I beg to differ cause he spend half the time getting driven around in the buggy instead of walking.

He’s healthy. He has some heart disease but it is under control. But I want him to exercise. Nothing vigorous. Just small stuff. I want him to just walk one big lap at the stadium with me at least twice a week (for the time being) but he’s very reluctant. I have been gently coaxing him but he just wouldn’t budge.

I love my dad. I want the best for him. I’m not concerned about my mom. She wakes up at 5 every morning and walks 5 to 6km on the treadmill on her own. So she’s fine. She’s 54 y/o and a total badass in my opinion. But my dad however….

So anyone has any tips for me to get my dad to exercise? Like what can I do? Something that could be done inside the house hopefully since I'm having such a difficult time getting him out of the house.

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