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5/24/11 7:33 A

I have been on the slow and steady track with a few weeks here and there where I jump up that pound or two or lose less than a pound. I sometimes have to force myself to exercise but just like Stubborn always feel great when I am done. I have to sometimes remind myself that this a lifelong change, not a short term situation. That allows me to give myself the freedom to maintain for a few weeks while life is throwing other challenges at me. Then, like you, I re-focus and get back on track working my way to a healthier me. Hang in there. I know you can do it and I know you can stick with it for the long haul!

5/23/11 8:16 P

Wouldn't it be awesome if typing burned a lot of calories? Because I do the same thing you like to do and before I know it, a couple of hours have passed me by! Unfortunately, it doesn't. I'm very good with tracking but exercise, especially when there are other things I'd rather be doing, I have to make a committed effort to get done. The good news is that I always feel great after weight lifting or running and that in itself is always a great motivator!

Give it your all!

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5/23/11 3:18 P

Hi all... I joined SparkPeople in January and lost 15 lbs. quite quickly, but have been slacking off lately with my food tracking and exercise... I log on every day, read articles, correspond with friends, collect SparkPoints, but I haven't lost any more weight and have been going up and down the same 2 lbs. for about 2 months now. It's time for me to go back, re-read the articles, re-commit to the program and work at it! emoticon

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