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10/17/02 2:13 P

way to go Roxy!! and welcome to the site!! I hope to see you around here a lot!!

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10/17/02 11:00 A

Hi Roxy, Check out spark people cafe . I've noticed some new threads from teens.

ROXY5573 Posts: 3
10/16/02 6:26 P

Thanx to everyone for their suggestions and responses. This is my first actual day here since i joined last night. I am so glad there are other teens. I did the treadmill today without being bored and i burned 320 calories i was so excited!!! :) and all of my friends were giving me fries and stuff at lunch but i stayed strong and said i was full but thanks anyway :D I'm actually proud of myself!!! :)

DJHEILMANN Posts: 3,395
10/16/02 11:07 A

Welcome Roxy! As they've said, there are a number of teens on the boards (but we do require people are over 13). I would recommend as well starting a thread about something that interests you.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
10/16/02 9:43 A

Welcome to the SP Message Board Roxy. If you are looking for support, you've come to the right place. If you want any ideas on how to go about achieving your goals, just ask. Plenty of ideas and information will come your way.

There was a good teen thread going in the Cafe (Being An Overweight Teen) but it hasn't been hit in awhile. If you want to get that one up and runnning, try a post there and then wait a week. If no response, post something else. Continue on for awhile, even if you are pretty much talking to yourself. Discuss your trials and successes, your dreams, your goals, your interests, etc. and always invite other teens to jump on in anytime. Eventually, some new teens will find the way to SP, or some previous posters will return, and then the teen thread can get hot.

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10/15/02 10:13 P

There are a lot of teens using this site Roxy. I am not one of them but I just wanted to say hi. Look around a bit and you will find them . Glad that you find the site as great as I do. It's a wonderful thing to have encouragement isn't it. We all need that and you have certainly come to the right place for that.Check out all the links such as "My Spark" and enjoy. Also, If you are interested in keeping track of calories and activities etc. check out Can't wait to hear all your news as you go along. Keep us posted !

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ROXY5573 Posts: 3
10/15/02 7:42 P

I just joined and I am already feeling like this is the best place I've tried. I'm always afraid that wherever I go people will say things to make me feel bad for being overweight or whatever. But I look at the messege boards and all I see are words of encouragement which I think is really great. I have one question to ask, though. I feel like I am the only teen so I am a little embarassed but my question is ... Are there any more teens here? Thanks for reading! Good Luck Everyone. You all are awesome!

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