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PJINPA Posts: 3,088
10/6/03 3:23 P

yea, that's a good point. i have a hard enough time keeping up my log and the million minute exercise thing...i would probably drop the ball on another challenge...

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
10/6/03 3:20 P

There was a run or walk 3000 miles team challenge and a 3000 point challenge for other stuff but many of us quit posting to that when the million minutes challenge was issued. Are you meaning a 1000-mile challenge for each individual instead of for a team?

Just asking for clarification on this thread. I'm trying to keep up posting on the million minutes and on the one about earning a point for doing a perfect video so I won't be joining this one at the moment.

PJINPA Posts: 3,088
10/6/03 1:10 P

I'm sorry!!

i didnt mean to discourage you! I was just trying to put it in perspective. 1000 miles would be easy to attain...maybe 10,000 miles?

CCROZICH SparkPoints: (521)
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Posts: 48
10/6/03 1:02 P

YIKES! Didn't think of it like that. WOW!How'bout 1000 mile challenge?

PJINPA Posts: 3,088
10/6/03 9:17 A

phew...we're talking YEARS to get to that goal! a million is a BIG number :)

i think a quick estimate would be a 100 people each doing around 15 miles a day everyday for 2 years!

something like that anyway...

CCROZICH SparkPoints: (521)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 48
10/5/03 8:46 P

I see I didn't add bike riding to the initial challenge, but I mentioned it later. Yep, I was thinking biking could be used too. I did indeed bike those 20 miles this afternoon, and I did it in about 20 minutes LESS time than it has been taking me. A personal goal that I set for myself. I want to see if I can shave another 10 minutes off my time.

CCROZICH SparkPoints: (521)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 48
10/5/03 3:13 P

There already may be something similar, if so, we can disregard this. I was thinking today that we could track miles you walk/hike, run/Jog and or rollerblade. Today my husband and I did the easy hike at our local park, it is only 1 1/3 miles, but I will probably go for a 20 mile bike ride in a little while and walk my dog later, I'm thinking probably 22 1/2 miles today, but I'll let you know. What do you think of this challenge?

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