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HUSKERLAND3 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/3/12 9:41 A

I agree Sofia Vergara is the perfect body type for me

MSGRAVES51 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/2/12 3:47 P

Put me down for long and lean (AKA thin). Kate Bekinsale is perfect for me.

GRACEFULIFE Posts: 1,705
4/30/12 10:08 P

Speaking of curvy women, Sofia Vergara is H-O-T-T. Replacing the previous age-appropriate winnar Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Om nom nom.

GRAVELRIDGEBOY SparkPoints: (36,875)
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4/30/12 9:22 P

This site is all about working off the fat, it is nice to see some "final product" pictures and videos. This is the guys lounge...

GRACEFULIFE Posts: 1,705
4/30/12 7:42 P

I'm going to go read the site policy if I can find it. In the meantime, bring it on. I'm a feminist; I appreciate women and don't find them to be less than equal, except in areas of obvious inequality like bits, or that their strength or athletic performance will be, on average, a bit less than men's. Not my doing, not my problem, not a concern.

Now, where were we, hmmm?

4/30/12 6:52 P

Thanks for all the gratuitous photos but the first feminist to click on some of the links will report them a.s.a.p., LOL!

GRACEFULIFE Posts: 1,705
4/30/12 5:52 P

Also, Allison Stokke.

She can vault my pole anytime. Unfortunately she's not really age-appropriate for me. But hey, it's never stopped the drooling before.

GRACEFULIFE Posts: 1,705
4/30/12 5:48 P

Many girls I like would fall under the "fitness/figure" category. A few examples available at
but some of them possibly border on "too much". My ideal tastes would run toward something on the order of (the typical look of) Jamie Eason ( ) or (even better still, if that's possible) Jaime Koeppe ( ). Koeppe... oh yes, I would hit it like a meteor.

Another favorite (you'll like this one KJ) is BelleChere:

GRACEFULIFE Posts: 1,705
4/30/12 5:39 P

Just noticed the London Andrews reference, LOL. She's a fav, but she's put on a few and she's getting a bit too pudgy for me these days.

GRACEFULIFE Posts: 1,705
4/30/12 5:37 P

That's marginally too much, but sure, would hit.

She can crossfit all she wants but if she does their dumb crap like kipping pullups I'm out, just on principle.

GRAVELRIDGEBOY SparkPoints: (36,875)
Fitness Minutes: (52,531)
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4/30/12 4:03 P

KJ, that last one is the best pic you posted so far...

4/30/12 3:30 P

GRACEFULIFE Posts: 1,705
4/30/12 1:23 P

Almost all women look truly fine if they are reasonably lean, but I don't like 'em fashion model stick-thin either. Almost without exception, fit/lean + muscled up a bit (naturally, no 'roids or crazy crap) = hotness.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
4/30/12 12:08 P

I think Marilyn was inbetween normal and thick, according to those pics KJ! That thick girl sho does have a big bootie! LOL!

GRAVELRIDGEBOY SparkPoints: (36,875)
Fitness Minutes: (52,531)
Posts: 492
4/30/12 3:55 A

Marilyn has a nice hourglass figure, whether she was a size 12 or 16 she still had a 23-24" waist which is what I think most people overlook. When you compare her to today's models, they have about the same waist but today's models have lost the hourglass figure because they are showing off the clothes and not the figure. Marilyn was suppose to be "the girl next door" type, not a supermodel. If you do a search for fashion models of the 1960's I think you will find that most of them were thin French girls that are about the same as what they use today...

CRACKERJACK2825 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/29/12 7:53 A

Being a woman myself, I have no preference. My husband wants a girl with a little meat on her bones. My brother in law likes the stick thin, you can see every rib girls. My brother likes anything with boobs, regardless of size.

Think about this: If Marilyn Monroe were an actress in todays Hollywood, SHE WOULD BE CONSIDERED FAT. Marilyn Monroe was the epitome of sex appeal and the beautiful woman. Every man wanted her, and every woman wanted to BE her.

GYMMAN59 SparkPoints: (75,827)
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4/27/12 10:05 P

Thick for me

SMITH80 Posts: 66
4/23/12 9:19 P

She has to have a little something to grab ahold of.

GRAVELRIDGEBOY SparkPoints: (36,875)
Fitness Minutes: (52,531)
Posts: 492
4/23/12 3:11 P

That Coco girl looks like she is all If those were the only options I would have to go with

WASCHULL1 SparkPoints: (104,762)
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Posts: 3,055
4/22/12 11:47 A

Gotta go with athletic. Except the "body builder" types with no body fat or menses!!!

ARMSPORTS Posts: 1,310
4/22/12 11:33 A

Well I'd take Coco Austin over Paris Hilton if that tells you anything.

6BALLMAN SparkPoints: (101,027)
Fitness Minutes: (38,129)
Posts: 10,144
4/21/12 8:19 P

By today's standards, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, and Mamie Van Doren would be thick.
So put me in the thick category. :-)
Actually, I put as much stock in what's upstairs (but that doesn't make me NOT shallow, really)

/brains, body, both?

Edited by: 6BALLMAN at: 4/21/2012 (20:20)
DEANJR86 Posts: 126
4/20/12 4:26 P

My wife's a size 4 and I am certainly not complaining. I guess I'm a shallow fella, too. I keep myself to the same standard.

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
Fitness Minutes: (22,220)
Posts: 1,537
4/12/12 10:46 A

Count me as a shallow one- forget fat chicks. I like curves, but not fat.

4/12/12 10:22 A

I asked my husband this question.

He said something along the lines of "Slim, but not fragile. Someone who's got a bit of substance to her, so that I'm not worried I'll crush her."

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
4/11/12 11:49 A

thanks. I agree.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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Posts: 4,114
4/11/12 9:35 A

You make a good point. I'm probably looking for normal. And I don't consider "fat" a woman who needs to lose 10 pounds, I'm talking about one who needs to lose 50 or more.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
4/11/12 9:33 A

maybe what the word everyone is looking for is: Normal, not fat, not skinny, but normal weight. I think it all depends on your body frame and height as to what that normal weight would be. As for me, I have wide hips, and it's very noticeable when I gain weight. For me, it's a fine line between fat and normal. When I gain 10 pounds, it's, oh Amy you're too fat honey, and when I lose 10 pounds, it's, oh Amy you look so good. I think it has to do with my wide hips for some reason I cannot explain. But just losing or gaining 10 pounds in my opinion shouldn't make that much difference. Sorry I'm getting too selfish talking about my own weight. I so sorry.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
Posts: 4,114
4/11/12 8:28 A

I like curvy with a bit of meat on their bones. Not sure if "thick" is the right word here. Fit is a close second and fat is out probably because I'm shallow.

4/9/12 6:28 A

London Andrews, I never heard of her before and now am a FAN!

Smokin HOT!

*it was tough to find a non-nude pic of her by the way

Edited by: KJFITNESSDUDE at: 4/9/2012 (06:30)
4/7/12 10:06 P

Yeah, Nicki Minaj is gorgeous. My type tends to be women in similar size and shape to London Andrews. I have always been fond of thick.

4/7/12 8:20 A

GRAVELRIDGEBOY SparkPoints: (36,875)
Fitness Minutes: (52,531)
Posts: 492
4/6/12 6:48 P

I have always liked girls who take care of their bodies, it gives a little insight to their values and such. We all have different ideas of what slim or thick is, I have a buddy that likes what I consider to be thick girls and he thinks the girls I like are

4/6/12 8:01 A

Im just curious about real figures... as in, numbers...

Though we are men conscious about our weight, here on a weight-loss website, but you prefer your women to be slimmer or on the thicker side? When women you know are on the diet craze, as so many are nowadays, when do you think the line should be drawn? In my experience, women think they need to lose weight WAY sooner than the guys around them think they do.


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