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3/14/12 10:25 P

Inspiring words indeed. I will keep that in mind this week! Thank you for sharing emoticon

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3/12/12 5:45 P

When all is said and done we ask ourselves Why? or Why not? As I continue to lose the weight of my 2 second child (who is 4) I asked myself WHY.. Why did it take me so long to decided to get healthier? Why did I ever doubt that I couldn't do it? Why did I paint my toes that color? ( I can finally see my toes) Then I ask my WHY NOT's..... Why not run and extra 30 minutes this week. Why not push myself a little further? Why not inspire others to do the same thing? Why not? I meet Hannah Curlee this week the Runner up to NBC's Biggest Loser Season 11. She had some inspiring words for me that is always going to stay with me..... "It might take weeks, months even years to lose weight, but it take just a split second to change your mind to becoming healthier." She went on by saying that we need to train our minds once we train our minds then we change our eating habits we change our physical activities and slowly we change physically the weight will simply melt away and we become more alert in our daily intact of foods because we have trained our mind to think that way.

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