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7/28/11 7:34 P

Actually, I thought that the zoo walk sounded very interesting! I was thinking I might like to do, I'll check out HAMSA0908's sparkpage and check this person out, get an idea of who you are before I commit to anything.....hmmm, no sparkpage or info what so ever.....that makes me a little uncomfortable.

Part of social networking is putting yourself out there at least a little bit so people can get to know you and maybe feel comfortable with going on one of those cool walks.

*are you male or female?
* hobbies/ interests?
*Who are you?

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7/12/11 3:26 P

3rd posted walk, 3rd week in a row... still no responses. I'll go by myself & I'm sure it will be another great walk.

I am doing it for myself. However, I am finding it beyond irksome that I've joined a local group with over 12k members and not one of them actually wants to get together to exercise. It just drives home the fact that social networking just SUCKS! It's an oxymoron. It's THE poster child for antisocial.

I'm giving it one more chance then I'm canceling my SparkPeople account. I joined, knowing there was a large local Team, so that I could find a real-live exercise buddy.

Have I mentioned that social networking SUCKS?!!

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7/8/11 8:09 P

Don't let that slow you down or even discourage you.

YOU must keep on "keeping on"...even if you have to do it only for yourself!


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7/8/11 7:32 P

Posted the morning walk for the second week in a row. And for the second week in a row, no RSVP's, nobody showed up. Gonna try again this week.

Every day I update my status to say "ISO weekday morning walk/hike/bike buddy" and there have been no nibbles.

Every day I post the same message on the Huddle Wall. Nothing.


MJREIMERS Posts: 7,527
7/6/11 3:28 P

It is tough to meet people. So many are busy with family, work, and just daily life. I guess that's why I like SparkPeople. I can connect with people on my time and they can answer on their's.

Don't give up. Maybe post on your local team that you will be at "x" place at "x" time to exercise. Then go and see who show's up, but be ready to go solo if no one makes it.

Hang in there! emoticon

RUNNER12COM Posts: 5,441
7/6/11 10:45 A

Definitely frustrating, but don't let it stop you. You can always create your own team and seek out members who do want to meet locally to work out, hike, walk, etc.

Somewhere out there are people wanting to be active like you. Don't stop looking for them!

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7/5/11 8:06 P

I searched for Teams by Geographical Location so that I could get live & in person support from local SparkMembers.

I foolishly thought a local team would actually get together weekly for weigh-ins & health-related talks. Like Weight Watchers but, free, and well, SparkPeople!

I foolishly thought a local team would actually get together monthly and have healthy pot lucks w/ recipe swap.

I foolishly thought a local team would actually get together and exercise together - weekly. Ya, I did think the local team would provide several opportunities a week to exercise together. Each time a member of my local team brings up doing something together they are directed to (REALLY??!!! COME ON NOW!!!) OR... they are directed to a forum that has race events. You know, not all of us want to train for something. Not all of us want to be competitive. Some of us just want a buddy. A real live buddy. Not a virtual buddy. Somebody to actually exercise with a couple of times a week. I posted a weekday morning walk/hike. I had zero responses. I will post again this week. I find it hard to believe that with over 12,000 local members nobody on my Team is available to walk/hike/bike weekday mornings. Here's what's interesting though... that number 12,000 is not a real number. When I looked at June's points there were less than 600 members who earned any points at all. I'd like to see SparkPeople automatically remove non-active members from Teams. Pick a reasonable amount of time - 30, 60, 90 days. If you're not active in that time, you're dropped from the team. This motivates the team leaders to have an active Team. It's also honest. I'd really like to have known that my team is really only 600 people strong. It's less frustrating. With 12,000+ team members you expect something.

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