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8/7/12 12:17 P

Thanks for sharing your amazing story! You certainly are part of that family of "wonderful people at SparkPeople" :).

Keep this up and you'll reach many more amazing goals in all areas of life -- we'll be rooting for you.


Chris (SparkGuy)

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8/7/12 5:42 A

WOO HOO for you!! Congrats on your awesome progress! Our team is very excited for you!

Coach Jen

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8/7/12 4:34 A

To all the wonderful people at Sparkpeople here is a very big THANK YOU!

This morning I weighted in at 199 pounds. This is the first time in 12 years I have been in the one-hundreds. (And I am only 32 :)) It marked a milestone on my weight loss journey which I would and could not have been able to do without Sparkpeople.

I started a little over 3 years ago getting serious about weight loss. I had gained steadily over the years before and at my biggest I was about 33 pounds heavier than I am today. I am a tall girl so there is a lot of space to put some padding. But in the end, I could barely fit the biggest trousers in the store and the though of having to go to a different store, and squeezing myself into non fitting trouser almost made me cry.

I found Sparkpeople and all you guys and girls here have motivated, inspired, informed, and taught me. And most important, stood by me in hard times, made me laugh in strange times and applauded me in good times.

People have noticed me losing the weight. My clothes are too big and my face now has cheekbones and only chin, in stead of chubby cheeks and multiple chins. When my friends want to lose weight, I tell them about Sparkpeople. But I have noticed a strange thing. Most of them are not really willing to put in the effort. Are not willing to make the change. I am not sure I was ready, but just doing all the babysteps Sparkpeople provided I sure was ready by the end of stage 1.

Sparkpeople has (among other things) taught me how to eat rationally. I used to eat when I felt hungry. Now I know I feel hungry all the times, because of a bad review, because of stress, because a lack of sleep. Never because of a lack of food. I have developed a routine to eat at set times, have a little snack in between, stop eating after dinner and when really really hungry I eat an apple. Sparkpeople has provided me with the tools to track my food and nutritional needs and adjust my eating in a healthy way.

My relationship with food has changed. I walk through the isles in the supermarket and all I see is sugar packed or calorie loaded food. And my first thought is, well that is disgusting. So much junk in only little bag. Where before I would have seen comfort, happiness and all kinds of misguided emotions in a bag. Sparkpeople has shown me food is for nutrition, not for emotion.

I am still going, still need to lose about 7,5 pounds for a BMI under 25. But I know I can do this. Slowly but steady on my way to health. There are no words to express my gratitude, thank you Sparkpeople, thank you!

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