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7/3/12 6:40 P

Thanks for responding, Coach Nancy.

I think the anxiety probably stems simply from the change in routine. I know I have a certain level of "food anxiety," in terms of fear of lacking enough intake, so that could account for part of it.

I have to say, though, I'm not feeling "a tad more fatigued." I'm so exhausted I'm unable to focus in order to work. I can't concentrate enough to read a book. I feel like I could sleep the entire day. This is a far larger reaction to increased exercise than I'd expect. I mean, I'm an RN, so I do have a pretty good understanding of physiology.

My plan is to back off on the exercise. I'm seeing my doctor next month, anyway, so that will be timely.

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7/3/12 6:35 P

Pilotslair24, what you're describing (minus the anxiety) is exactly how I'm feeling: groggy, and like I could sleep all the time.

I notice one thing you and I have in common is stress. You just got laid off. I quit my job to become self-employed. Neither of us has a set-in-stone schedule anymore (which can be a stressor). We just joined SP, increased our workouts, and changed our diets. That's a lot of change all at once, and all of it is stressful!

Maybe our best bet is just to cut ourselves some slack. This afternoon, I gave myself permission to call my best friend and talk for an hour, which is something I enjoy. I also took a long, relaxing bath.

I know, personally, I tend to underestimate how stressed out I am or how much change wreaks havoc on my emotional state. So, I'm going to be kind to myself, ride out this bump in the road, and stay the course.

Best wishes to you! I hope you land a better job soon.

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7/3/12 5:51 P

Hi semisweetchic! I understand your concerns! I have a couple of my own. I have only been on the site for a few days myself, increased working out, and changed my diet. Unlike your experience, I have been sleeping excessively. Almost 10-11 hours a day! I know this is not healthy and it concerns me. I did recently get laid off from my job so I am not on a specific schedule other than trying to find another job. School is online so that doesn't contribute to my schedule too harshly. Either way, I am not waking up throughout the night, i just sleep straight through. It is a bit disconcerting. When I do set my alarm and wake up I am groggy all day...Any ideas?

Anyway, I hope you are able to overcome your concerns! Take care of yourself!

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7/3/12 5:00 P

Hi Beth,

It's not too unusual for some members to be a tad more fatigued in the beginning, especially if they are making lots of changes. However, I am not aware that these changes should lead to anxiety issues, therefore, you may just want to contact your doc and see what he/she has to say.

I wish you well!

Coach Nancy

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7/3/12 4:56 P

I'm 6 days into SP. I've been reading The Spark and using the website. I've been exercising (cardio) every day for at least 10 minutes and have been meeting my daily calorie goal of 1560.

The first few days, I felt GREAT. I felt extremely energized by the exercise, so much so that I had to restrain myself from exercising too much and burning out. I'm typically exercising 40 minutes in twice-daily sessions.

Beginning two nights ago, I started having trouble getting to sleep and sleeping well. I lie in bed wracked with anxiety. Also, I've been feeling extremely sleepy during the day and just generally out-of-sorts -- like maybe I have a cold coming on. But I have no symptoms of illness. I just feel sluggish and completely "out of gas."

Prior to starting SP, I was already eating a pretty healthy diet and exercising regularly, if sporadically. I cook most of my foods from scratch, don't like sodas, and refrain from eating too many sweets. I'm not terribly overweight (20 pounds) and came here mainly to reinforce healthy habits I can use to stay fit for the rest of my life. I'm 51 years old and, no, it's not a hormone problem. Trust me. emoticon

Could this extreme tiredness just be a result of my body (and mind) adapting to this new regimen? Could it be the extra exercise I've been getting? Is it possible I'm getting too FEW calories?

Did anyone else go through something similar to what I'm describing? I'd appreciate some reassurance that this will pass. Thanks very much!


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