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4/1/12 10:38 A

I drink decaffeinated tea because it makes plain water less boring, keeps me from drinking soda and munching, warms me up when I have a cold, and helps me get to sleep. I don't think of them as miracles for weight-loss, but they help me stay on track I guess. :P


3/31/12 11:11 P

I am interested in drinking "special" teas. I do believe in the power of teas - as their benefits date back many many years. But I don't think of them as a miracle.

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3/31/12 10:29 P

I haven't tried any of these teas except the white, but I have found that green tea really helps with hunger.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/31/12 8:27 P

Dr. Oz is a scammer. Like DRAGONCHILDE said.. it can replace a cola for instance, but if you eat 1500 calories a day, and exercise the same for 4 weeks, the 2 weeks you drank tea will not help you lose weight, unless it is from the diuretic effect of caffeine. It is mostly helpful in reducing calories ingested. Any drop of equal calories would do the same.

MYZENIN10 Posts: 162
3/31/12 8:21 P

I do drink teas, and take any thing with a grain of salt that they actually promote fat loss. I do believe they may help with water weight, as in caffeine is a diuretic. Some teas promote shedding extra water weight, but it's not fat you're losing. The minute you drink water again, it all comes back.

But, I do like different types of tea to break up the monotony and they taste good. There's a kombucha tea that is very refreshing, it has spearmint in it. I drink it iced so I can stand drinking water every day.

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3/31/12 1:54 P

I was raised drinking tea. For breakfast we had hot tea and toast, and we drank iced tea with meals and as a regular beverage.

Tea has helped me lose weight (though I do use that loosely) because on rainy days, or when I am sick or sad, I reach for a cup of tea (Lipton) as a comfort instead of food.

Tea is not, however, a miracle potion that will help you shed pounds.

Dr. Oz is a fraud and a snake oil salesman at best.

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3/31/12 11:14 A

Teas can help you lose weight... sure! but not through some kind of magical weight-loss properties. I regularly drink tea, including white and puerh. (Imported from China, even.) What I do is when I have a craving for something sweet, I drink a cup of tea with a dollop of honey instead.

So all I'm doing is swapping a calorie bomb like a donut for a cup of tea with a teaspoon of honey.

It would work if I used the same trick with water, exercise, or some other form of distraction.

Dr. Oz is not a reliable medical doctor, and isn't a good source for health-related advice. He's an Oprah-sponsored money-making machine. No more, no less.

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3/31/12 10:02 A

He's not a doctor anymore, just a show character

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3/31/12 9:53 A

They don't work- the only thing that does is eating healthy, cleaning up in old habits and regular exercise..
Dr Oz has a contract and basically if he wants to keep his spot- he will sell yo yo's to armless people if the directors says so..

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3/31/12 8:57 A

You can't really rely on one particular substance for weight loss, because that kind of diet although would make you lose weight, it would not be sustainable over the long run and thus you would gain all (or more) of the weight back. You need a lifestyle change for sustainable fat loss. However, many teas in general can help you contain your hunger in your quest to switch to a healthier life style.

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3/31/12 8:33 A

Again..Dr Oz comes through woth 4 teas a day to help weightloss..Pu-erh,White Teas,Chckweed and Bilberry. Anyone ever done this or any tea regime?

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