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6/11/12 11:50 A

things like that calculator (and stuff like BMI and BMR calculators) are based on averages... that means that they use a large population sample to generate the equations they use. They can be a little off for outliers or people at either end of the extremes. It's just like Sparkpeople's calorie range calculators. People on the high end of the weight spectrum can find the calorie ranges provided too high.

I think you're just a bit of an outlier. :)

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6/11/12 8:41 A


When I do a lot of sport, my resting puls droops to 45 - 40.
And yes, I ve been to a cardiologist 10 years ago - I had a pericarditis. Everything was fine, he told me.

I just wonder why the calculator was so wrong with me :)

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6/11/12 7:22 A

While a low pulse rate can indicate a heart problem, the vast majority of people with low heart rates have them because they are pretty fit (and perhaps a little genetically blessed).

You don't have to be an olympic class athlete to have a pulse rate of 50, just someone who works out regularly, and perhaps pushes themselves when they do. I'm no doctor, but if you think you work out enough to fall in this category, you don't need to race off and get yourself checked out at the ER.

185 sounds as though it is at the upper end of your cardio range (and possibly into the anaerobic threshold), but that doesn't seem unreasonable. 150/155 seems consistent with the other figures mentioned for the "talk test".


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6/11/12 1:37 A

Oh, there is no problem. My father and my grandfather had some very low plus too. When I work out hard my resting plus goes down to 40. I ve always done a lot of sport!
The doctor said, there is no medical problem with that.

I got a lactate test last year which showed that the steps are from 125 - 145 and 145 - 165 and from 165 to 185. But I can only cope with 185 for two or three minutes. (and only got it when I'm running, which I'm not brilliant in ... )

I can still talk with a plus of 150/155

6/10/12 11:34 P

50 is a very low number. From what I understand, unless you are an athlete, a number lower than 60 should be checked by a doctor. I would also tell him how high your pulse is getting when you exercise.

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6/10/12 3:25 P

Does anyone used it and was is right?

I just checked it and was a bit surprised.

Is it right for you?

(for me not! my resting puls is around 50, but my maximum when I do sport is 185!)

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