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7/9/12 6:33 P

I feel angry with myself to be honest. Last week I felt so lazy to exercise. I exercised 3x/week in total and only in short amount. Some more, the last 4 days, I ate mindlessly. Firstly is midnight snack, and then roasted peanuts, and then taco chips and banana chips. As a result this week I gained 0.6 kg and I'm sad. But I only can forgive myself at this point and focus on what can I do next. I dont want to stop! But yeah, no more chips!

7/3/12 7:09 A

I just went to overseas for few days, missed my daily routine there. Gotta get back to the schedule soon. I've lost 6,6kg so far, so happy with the result. Mostly I used to stop at this point and then stuck with the same weight or bounced back and start over again. But I'm tired of starting over so I wont quit! Not this time!

6/22/12 5:56 A

This is my 2nd month. Ok I haven't exercise in 2days but I lost another kg, I'm hoping thats not the muscle weight lol. I need to recharge my motivation, seriously I feel so lazy right now to move my ass but I really really know that I should keep on going. Oh btw I'm no longer overweight for my height lol, although I'm at the limit of healthy range but Im happy for it

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,098
6/21/12 8:43 P

emoticon Happy SUMMER TIME.

6/20/12 3:52 A

Yes, thank you Gina! All the best for you too :)

GINA717 Posts: 55
6/19/12 11:49 A

Sounds like progress to me! Keep up the great work!

6/18/12 3:49 P

I'm at the end of week 4 now, I havent weight myself but I feel great! the exercise keeps getting better, i feel like i can do it well now, still heavy but better. I'm not craving for food too much and feel great. I almost fit to my size 8 clothes but still looks ugly on it. Anyway I'm happy and I love sparkpeople!

6/17/12 8:57 A

Hi guys, I feel a little bit sad. I went for holiday so I couldn't exercise but practically I was physically active. Because I didn't find a lot of healthy food and the road then I eat less than usual but still enough. When i reached home then I lost 1 kgs, I was so happy. Two days pass then I gained 0.9kgs, pretty sad I would say. Well i did eat snack at midnight but still under control I guess and it was for one night only. I hope I can loose this kg soon and back to my exercise track.

6/11/12 11:33 A

Thank you, Taneta! never give up! yay.. emoticon

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6/11/12 10:42 A

emoticon Keep at it and you will see the results. And every kilo you loose is a great no matter how slow it comes off. Also check other measurements because not only weight shows progress. Just don't give up.

6/9/12 1:57 A

Wow, it's week 4 already. I've lost around 3kgs, still slowly and steady although I wish I could loose more lol. I felt so weak and tired at the end of week 3, I was not as fresh as the beginning of the week. I guess maybe because I'm going to have my period or I don't eat enough. Believe it or not I tried to eat more than I am usually do and I still can't hit my calories range. Well I'm giving up with that one, These three days I ate more and more and I feel sick and full.

What I do right now are recommended strength training exercise 3x a week, follow 28 days boot camp video (sometimes I missed one day) and walk on treadmill for 70mnts 4-5x a week.

I appreciate every little thing that I achieved so far, my waist is smaller, i can see my face is slimmer, my pajamas and underwear are not squishing me anymore, my leg is firmer.

6/2/12 1:48 P

Thank you Jibbie! I should teach myself not to quit. Until now I think I became quiter and looser. Your comment is such a reminder for me. Let's keep fighting!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,098
6/2/12 9:37 A

Don't quit. That is all that matters. Nearly everyone who starts a diet gives up and quits and returns to old habits, vow not to be one of those people and do this for YOU.

6/2/12 5:59 A

Hi everyone, this is my week 3, I am so positive to this and decided to write in this journal. I lost 2 kgs so far, it's super slow but I know it's healthier.
By using this site I realize I am the one who can be the answer to my weight loss, I am the one to pick what I eat and I am the only person who can push my body to exercise. Of course I need support from others, that's why I joined spark people and wrote on this journal, but you know what I mean, I am the only one that can make it happen.

Here I am writing my journey, thanks to sparkpeople to create their awesome program.
Week 1: total lost 1 kg, need time to adjust my body to the exercise. walk and run on treadmill, follow sparkpeople's video 4x /week
Week 2: total lost 2 kg, started to use the food tracker correctly. My body feel lighter when I exercise, now I can walk and run on treadmill for 60 minutes.

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