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7/10/12 11:21 A


I found out about these things through a Sparkpeople blog, and I love them. They're comfortably, cute, and don't slip! And I don't have sweat in my eyes anymore.

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7/10/12 10:49 A

I have the same problem. I wake up at night sometimes with water pooled in my ears. It's the grossest thing. And when I work out it is literaly rolling down my neck from my hair. I have a LOT of thick hair, but even in a pony tail my hair is soaked.

And once I start, I have to come to a complete standstill for about an hour for it to stop. I keep my AC on 78, but it's over 100 outside so I know it's hot out there. But this sweating is ridiculous!!!

I'll ask my doc tomorrow when I go see him. Maybe he has something to say. (He'll probably tell me to shave my head)

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7/10/12 8:40 A


What you're experiencing really could be normal. some people do sweat more than others. it's just the way your metabolism happens to be. I do tend to sweat quite a bit myself. However, I also have a friend who doesn't sweat at all. and that's the way her body is.

now, there is a medical condition that can cause excessive sweating. if you're truly concerned, you could ask your doctor about it, just to be safe.

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7/10/12 7:58 A


Sweating is an involuntary response to rising temperatures, anxiety, etc to keep your body cool. As to why you are only experiencing head sweats, you may want to get a second opinion from another doctor.

Coach Nancy

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7/10/12 7:12 A

I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but my head sweats A LOT! It doesn't matter what the temperature is, it is not unusual to have sweat dripping from my ears. I am mopping my face like an old man. It is not menopause. What makes it stranger is that the rest of me is not sweating at the same time. It is really embarrassing. My doctor didn't have any thoughts on what it might be and didn't seem too concerned about it.

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