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11/15/12 3:22 P

Stressing the spine can be achieved, mechanically, by means of:
- any weight that she might carry on her hands,
- any weight that she might carry on her shoulders,
- resistance band dead lifts

I don't think you can achieve enough stress in the spine by doing yoga.

On the other hand, it is true that such exercises should be cleared by her doctor.

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11/15/12 2:55 P

Thanks Archimedes! I think she'd like the idea of yoga as it's pretty low impact. I also know there's a very good yoga studio right near her work. I'm not sure she'd want to do a lot of walking as she works on her feet almost all day in a hospital lab. I'm also not sure if she can do resistance bands, I know her old PT had her doing them before they were aware of the fractured vertebrae. Do you think maybe she should see a physical therapist first?

Oops, Unident, your post showed up while I was typing my response. I definitely do think she shouldn't just wing it, that's why I'm thinking a visit to a PT might be in order.

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11/15/12 2:52 P

PLEASE go back and ask the doctor.

The spine is such a critical part of the body that you do NOT want to get this wrong from well-meaning advice from random strangers online.

Call the doctor and say you need a list of what would be good and what should be avoided, or a referral to a specialist trainer for this advice.

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11/15/12 2:43 P

If her doctor gave her the all clear to do some weight training exercises, she might start with a regular daily walk. Walking and climbing stairs are both considered low impact weight bearing exercises. She could even do something like Zumba.

Is she allowed to use resistance bands ? using resistance bands will help increase her increase her lean muscle as well as strengthen her bones. If she has problems with her back, she could try wall push ups instead of regular push ups.

You might also ask her doctor if it's okay to do yoga. There are many yoga poses designed to help strengthen a person's back as well as core strength. She'd have to work with an experienced yoga instructor though. The right poses will help, the wrong poses could hurt.

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11/15/12 2:14 P

I'm posting this on behalf of my mom. Her doctor just diagnosed her with osteoporosis in her spine. Her other "parts" are fine, but for some reason her spine is extra bad. In addition to a medication, he suggested she do weight-bearing exercises to help strengthen it, but didn't give her an idea as to what those are.

So, what would some good exercises be for that? Also, she fractured a vertebrae a year ago, and it never quite healed correctly (it was originally misdiagnosed and she was sent to PT, but that ended up making it worse), so it would need to be some kind of lower impact exercises. Not sure something even exists that she can really do :(

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