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4/26/12 4:41 A

I am at the stage where sugar no longer plays a huge part in my diet. I have been cutting it down for months and stopped using artificial sweeteners months ago. They make you retain water which makes you bloated and and feel fat which is the opposite to how you want to feel whilst dieting. Not to mention the many other health risks associated with them.

I use honey and brown sugar when I use it which is not very offen. I only have 1 coffee a day now, in the morning and I have weaned myself off having any kind of sweetener in it. I drink green tea, peppermint and redbush with vanilla and of course water and not much else. If I need a fizzy sweet drink I will buy a can (full sugar!) and have half, give te othher half to my husband. This is not often!!!!

Elliminating sugar and sweeteners as much as possible will make such a big difference to your efforts I promise :)

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
4/25/12 1:31 P

I don't like the way artificial sweeteners taste, and I don't like stevia either. So I use sugar in my coffee, along with milk.

I found that if I drank iced coffee, I needed a lot less sugar for a pleasurable experience, and the caffeine doesn't care if it's hot or iced! So I started drinking iced coffee to cut the empty calories from sugar.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/25/12 10:52 A

STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM YELLOW, BLUE, OR PINK PACKETS AS POSSIBLE. This is manmade stuff and is all chemical. your body does not know how to digest it. Stick with regular sugar or try stevia.

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4/25/12 6:10 A

I want to know what you think about using sugar substitutes. I personally think I had a slight addiction to Sweet n Low. I was so afraid to drink calories that I started using Sweet n Low in my tea. Recently, I have decided to quit using it for several reasons. I have switched to drinking only water except for a couple cups of coffee at work. I work nights so I need the coffee. I have been putting regular sugar in my coffee. What is your opinion?

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