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2/17/13 4:46 A

I too have an addiction to such crappy foods! I've managed to lose weight with 'moderation', but my weight loss has stalled over the last year or so. I know that it's primarily because I haven't been eating well enough. If I just cut out all the junk, and stuck with better quality chocolate-if at all, then the weight would probably start coming off again at a decent pace. Moderation doesn't change the fact that it's still SO bad for you (the cheap stuff I mean). It's like saying "I'll eat poison, but in moderation"....doesn't make much sense.

2/17/13 12:01 A

Everyone has made good points and I will add another one, although it isn't exactly the healthiest. I just mentioned in another post about moderation-like buying a bag of Hershey's kisses and eating the recommended serving broken up into 3 times per day (3 kisses 3 times) or if you have a candy bar, to cut it into thirds and eat 1/3 per day. It's not for everyone, but it might work. I used to do the Hershey's kisses thing until I was down to 3 kisses per day and now I pick two days per week where I can get my chocolate (in your case, sugar) and/or my soda, depending on what I want.

I will, however, recommend you change from Diet Coke to regular (I know that sounds weird!). I know neither is recommended, but the ingredients in Diet drinks are worse for our bodies than regular. Obviously it's up to you, but I'm just passing it along. I think most women have sugar addictions! ;) Once you are able to cut back, your cravings will be less and you'll feel better. I'm still working on mine! I was doing great last summer and then I went to the store and bought a Twix. I shouldn't have! I have lousy willpower, but I'm getting there. If I can, anyone can!


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2/15/13 9:51 A

I feel your post should be me posting. Other than the fact my addiction to sugar does increase my weight. My problem is more night time ....I start off really well during the day and afternoon and then at night I gt this feeling of being deprived and just start eating anything that is remotely sweet( since I won't keep candy in the house).....good luck on your journey....let us know hoe you are doing

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2/13/13 2:18 P

You have got it bad, girl! I read the responses from the two very wise folk who responded so far. The only thing I have to add is from a psychotherapist's point of view. I am also certified in substance abuse - you know, "addictions". Maybe you really do have an addiction, and maybe considering the "recovery" approach would help you. Overeaters anonymous takes the exact same approach as Alcoholics Anonymous does. Even if you don't join a physical meeting (they are held all over the western world) you could research on-line or try an on-line group. Food is a LOT more difficult an addiction to address, since you can't "give it up" entirely. For an overeater, recovery means a carefully defined "abstinence" with a lot of support. I believe Spark People has at least one Team that uses that focus. The very best of luck to you!

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2/13/13 11:50 A


Breaking an addiction isn't easy. For years, I was a Diet Coke addict. At one time, I was drinking at least a two liter bottle a day. However, when I decided I wanted to become more healthy, I knew the Diet Coke had to go. it took me several tries before I was able to ween myself off.

You might consider "weening" yourself off the candy bars too. What sorts of bars are you eating now ? One thing to do is buy ORGANIC chocolate. Dump ALL the cheap chocolate. Instead, but high quality dark chocolate that is at least 60% cocoa. When you eat good quality chocolate, all you need is a couple of squares to be satisfied. The problem with cheap chocolate is just that, it's cheap and has no taste. As a result, people need to eat more to feel satisfied. Not so with good quality chocolate like Green and Black or Endangered Species.

Go to Whole Foods and check out their selection of chocolate. Yes, it's going to be pricey. Which is another reason to buy good quality chocolate. You'll think twice about eating two bars when you know each bar costs you at least $2-3 per bar. So, think about swapping out your cheap chocolate for better quality chocolate. With time, that will help you eat less because of the quality of the favor as well as the price.

Also, buy more fresh fruit for snacks !! When you feel an urge for something sweet, have some strawberries, blueberries, oranges, etc... With time, the natural sweetness of the fruit will help curb your cravings for refined sugar. As you eat more fruit, you'll begin to eat less candy.

So, would you be willing to try that ? Buy a good quality candy bar that costs $3 a bar ? Would you be willing to make the bar last for two days ? How do you make it go for two days? By eating more fruit in place of the candy.

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2/13/13 10:27 A


What if you just quit buying them so you do not have access to them? For me having trigger foods in the house will cause me to eat them, but if they are not here, out of sight, out of mind. If giving them all up at one time would be too overwhelming, what about cutting out just one for a while and then move on?

Remember in order to break a habit you must constantly think about your desire to break the habit so that one day you will no longer have to think, you just do--that is called a habit.

Coach Nancy

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2/13/13 10:10 A

Hi everyone!
My name is Movin4ward and I am a sugar addict. A little history on myself, I have been addicted to sugar as far back as I can remember. I remember being two/three and wishing I could have two ice cream cones instead of one. I regularly snacked on sweets and could care less about meal time. Believe me, my parents put up a good fight, but I'd sit at the table for hours without touching my food.
So fast forward to age 33, I get preggers and gain 60lbs with my first kiddo. Went from 127-187. Somehow miraculously I lost it all, with tracking food and working out. Still having way too many sweets tho. Then at age 36 I have baby #2, and gain 55lbs (hey it was less than the first-ha) and have lost it all again. But I have the worst cellulite on my booty and upper thighs.
So I have come this far! I want to get to 120 if not 115. I haven't been able to lose a single pound in a year (haven't gained either I guess).
Here is how bad my addiction is. In the morning I love candy bars and Diet Coke! It is my coffee of the am (I don't like coffee, wish I would). I feel normal and grounded when I have a sweet treat at my disposal, it helps me deal with life I guess.
I don't know what will motivate me to stop. My husband is 100% supportive, will watch the kids while I excercise, will eat whatever it takes to keep us healthy, will literally slap a candy bar out of my hand, will clean the house do dishes, WHATEVER I ask for so I can work out.
I pay a personal trainer (who has given me numerous food plans), have had abdominoplasty (got me some amazing flat abs now), am even getting boobs next month to update my mommy boobs. We have a lake place in the summer so I have so many reasons to want to put the sugar down and I seem to "NEED" it. If I could overcome this addiction, I would meet my goal in probably two months-ha! But it has a control over me like nothing else.
I don't overeat anything else. I should be on that show, weird eaters (or whatever its called)...if I had some candy bars, chips/salsa and Diet Coke that's all I'd need.
I feel like an alcoholic or drug addict, waiting for my next hit. I'm a "fat" skinny girl emoticon

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