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3/24/12 9:20 A


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3/13/12 3:46 P

I try to minimize intake! Not always successful emoticon

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3/13/12 2:30 P


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2/19/12 12:54 P

yes..i worked with an excellent dietitian. Her advice was, that after a sugar binge eat a high protein meal..and it may take 2 or 3 high protein little carb meals to get back in control. it really works..i speak from experience.
low and no carb isnt the best thing for you..but after a binge this works. also..she recommended that you save the carbs you do eat (whole grains and fruit and starchy veggies) for the END of the meal, when you most likely wont eat as many.
as for breaking the sugar cycle alltogether..i found that if i go cold sugar (and i'm not talking carbs here just sweets) for 3 days i no longer crave them. I dont know how this works for everyone though!!
You are to be commended for logging this and asking for help!! thats a great step to take!!

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2/16/12 6:36 A

I binged on sugar last night. OH MY. Any words of advice on how to break the sweet tooth cycle?

I also found a good site that helped me see just how nasty I was.

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