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5/25/12 1:05 P

An equal exchange would not work. You need the gluten in wheat/white flour to trap the gas from the leavening agent, or your finished product will be very dense. Substituting 1/4-1/2 C wheat germ/ground flax seed/oat bran for the flour shouldn't effect finished texture too much. The protein powder should be an add in(like nuts or dried fruit) No flour should be left out but you may have to add several T. more liquid.
I make a healthy pancake recipe with wheat flour, ground flax, oat meal, pureed banana, protein powder,yogurt,egg, baking powder and a little water. Some times I will add peanut butter and/or honey. YUMMM!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/23/12 11:38 A

nut flours would probably work better-- almond flour or coconut flour. they have a better consistency. I have also been known to use ground flax.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
5/21/12 3:10 P

I don't think a straight substitution would work well. Flour is basically wheat without the germ and it doesn't behave the same way. I don't think protein powder would work well either, but since I'm not really familiar with protein powder I don't know.

I do use wheat germ as an add-in sort of like nuts when I make muffins. It does make them a bit denser but I've never really tried anything to change that. I kind of like dense muffins!

LITTLEBO Posts: 1,197
5/21/12 1:52 P

Can I Substitute wheat germ / protein powder for flour in receipies (like muffins). I saw one recipe that did have protein powder in it. Would I need more liquid if I used part wheat germ (if it can be substituted?)

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