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LADYV2010 Posts: 77
4/30/12 9:20 A

Maybe you should mix in some HIIT with your steady state cardio. High Intensity Interval Training has great benefits and it burns calories long after you have stopped exercising. I also would stick with the weights, because they also allow for calorie burn long after you have put down the weights. Maybe you need to get a more formal routine. Also, you should lift weights before cardio.

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4/28/12 3:45 P

Thanks so very much for all your feedback. I am just so disappointed with myself because I weighed 155lbs in 2009 and maintained that weight until 2010. In 2010 I survived an attempted assault. I got away. I was fit and skinny and he couldn't get a good hold on me. I went straight to the police and made a report, but since I got away quick there was no DNA evidence, so he sort of got away with it. But I was so traumatized. I was not comfortable with being so "attractive" now. I did weigh 230lbs, for years and years. Never got assaulted. But I am past that now and mentally ready to have that cute body back. I live in a bad part of town. Maybe running at night is not such a good idea. Use the gym instead. Don't be so trusting.
I am just so sad and disappointed with myself that I can't seemed to stay on the stupid plan. At night, when I am tired, and hungry still, I lose my resolve and eat what junk my husband is eating. Or eat too big of a portion. Or eat out without a plan. The "gloves come off" so to speak. I have been asking God to help me. This has helped me so far. But I just started that. I figured God has better things to do than help me with my diet. ;-)
I will check out the DXA test. I am self-employed so I insure myself. I am in my mid-forties so the only insurance I can afford has a $10,000 deductible. So tests, like DXA or mammograms, or pap smears all get put on the back burner. But I have lots of friends, some doctors, who houses I maybe I can figure something out. However, if I have a large bone structure, the most I can weigh for someone my height is 163lbs. And I weigh, right this second 183lbs. I gained weight since this morning. Hopefully it will come off by tomorrow morning. I gain weight so much easier than taking it back off.
I do not smoke and have never smoked. I do not drink alcohol. Ever. I do not take any prescriptions. I take a multi-vitamin. I donate blood every 90 days and with that your cholesterol is checked. Mine has always been about 160. I am not sure about triglycerides.
I drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee on the weekends and one cup a day on weekdays. Caffeinated coffee.
Overall, since I maintained that 155lbs for a year, I am hopeful I can figure out how to get back to that, short of intestinal bypass surgery. ;-)
I fear that is an unreasonable goal same as running the sub 30 minute 5k is.
My clothes fit better now. I bought larger sizes. ;-)

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4/28/12 3:24 P

Yes. I just deleted the second account. The jbedford0 is the one I kept and have been using.
I lose the pedometer with day long of picking up items that goes with housecleaning. The squatting and my fat belly causes that pedometer to fall off my waist band. The days I was able to track I found I walk about 1500 steps per house and I clean usually 4 a day, sometimes 5. So add 6000 steps a day for the average?

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,993
4/28/12 1:37 P


Are you using 2 different accounts? Just trying to make sure I'm talking to the same person :)

As the link I mentioned describes, you'll want to track your steps. Based on how much walking you're doing, the guide tells you how many calories to add to your program b/c your job is active. You wouldn't track the cleaning in the fitness tracker.

Coach Jen

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
4/28/12 1:23 P

First of all, stop panicking about a BMI of 27 shortening your life. That's just not true. There's no evidence that a BMI below 28 has any negative health effects, except possibly for some people of Asian ancestry. In fact, when the BMI was first calculated, the top of the healthy range was 27 because the statistics were based on Europe and the Americas. If you're Caucasian, you're still safe at 27. That doesn't mean you shouldn't lose a little weight, but you're not going to drop dead tomorrow.

Second, try to get a more thorough body composition test. What I said up above, about how Asians generally have a lower healthy BMI than Caucasians? Bone density is the main reason. If you were obese before, you might very well have higher than average bone density; a larger proportion of your weight could be bone, which you obviously don't want to lose. The fat percentage tests you had can't measure bone (and they're not very accurate anyway. Calipers only measure fat in a few spots and compare it to averages, and the thingy you hold onto actually measures water, not fat at all.) There's a test called DXA that uses special X-rays to measure bone density, and it also measures muscle and fat as sort of a side effect. It's meant as an osteoporosis screening, and since you went through menopause so early, your doctor could justify it for that reason. If you have insurance that covers diagnostic testing, ask him to order it, and if you don't have insurance, ask him to help you find a women's clinic, university sports department, or charity hospital that will do it free or at reduced cost. (Around here, the university kinesiology (P.E.) department does it for a little under $100 so the students can learn to use the machine. The price includes a 6-month followup to see if your body fat has changed.)

Once you know exactly how much you really need to lose for health reasons, it will seem a little easier to address the calorie control issue. It is really hard when you're over 40; you're still just as hungry as any young person, but you just can't use up the calories. I glanced at your tracker, and on the days when you track, you're eating pretty healthy. The suggestions I have are minor-- more veggies, and maybe trade any regular bread for whole grain and try quinoa or barley instead of rice and corn. You can also analyze what time of day you tend to go off plan and eat extra, and see whether any of it is boredom or stress eating, but really your diet is healthy.

And that might be good enough. Are you having any health issues at all, beyond the weight? If your cholesterol and triglycerides are good and your blood glucose is under control, then maintaining might be enough, even if it does drive your doctor wiggy. Being very slightly overweight is not automatically a health risk. Being constantly stressed about your weight is, though! At the very least, remember that there's no hurry to lose this weight. If you relax and accept that it's going to take a long time, you'll be doing everything a person needs to do to be healthy. Eating well and exercising and having a BMI of 28 is healthier than starving, sitting around too tired to exercise, and having a BMI of 24.

JBEDFORD0 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/28/12 1:11 P

Awesome. Thank you. I will start eliminating some foods, like wheat and see how that goes.
My body fat and BMI both say I am fat. Knew that already. I have a full length mirror. And my favorite clothes do not fit.
I updated my calories on the fitness page and it defaulted back to the 250 carbs a day. I am leaving it for a while and see if that works for me. I do not have the self-discipline to do 150 carbs. I mess up every day and beat myself up over it.
I am heading out to the grocery store now to load up on the suggested foods per SP.
I created a a weight loss ticker too. Hopefully the visual will help me.
Tell you one thing, I am sick and tired of working so hard at this and seeing NO results.
Felt so sorry for myself I bought myself a new blouse, in my current fat size as a reward to all the effort. And new bras for my fat self as I am sick and tired of "repositioning". Maybe that will help my overall motivation. It's hard to stay motivated when in the back of your mind you are telling yourself what a loser you are. You become your own self fulfilling prophecy.
So wish me well. Thanks for all the advice folks. I really do appreciate it.

LANTRE Posts: 16
4/28/12 12:53 P

You're not alone in this. SparkPeople recommends 1200-1500 calories per day for me despite the fact that I indicated that I'm very active and I only want to lose 1lb a month. At 1500 I never feel satisfied at the end of the day (even if I eat a whole head of broccoli for lunch!). If I eat 1200 calories I also wake up hungry in the middle of the night. And the only time in my life that I've ever lost weight was when I was starving for 6 months. So I feel your frustration.

But like others have suggested, it is probably better not to obsess about the scale or BMI. Body fat is a much better measure, measurements even better, and best is how your body moves and feels.

If you're worried about your life expectancy, remember that it's belly fat that is a bigger indicator that there is a potential problem. And also remember that it's not fat that makes you unhealthy - excess fat is merely the physical manifestation of ill health.

I went to see a nutritionist recently and she suspects that I might have a food allergy, and the likely culprits are dairy and wheat. You might try eliminating those from your diet. You can get your carbs from other non-wheat sources so you don't feel so deprived.

Good luck!

4/28/12 12:42 P

If I go into the fitness settings, are you suggesting I add the 40 plus hours a week I do housecleaning?
My gut says no because I have cleaned for over 30 years and I am used to working this hard. And am still fat, fat, fat.
Right now looks like my calorie range is 1,200 to 1,550.

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,993
4/28/12 12:31 P

Yes, it's the link in my first post. It goes to an Ask the Expert that tells you how to adjust your calorie range based on how active you are in your job.

Coach Jen

4/28/12 12:00 P

I am still getting an error. I am sure it is on my end. My skills per computer are Excel and Word and that's about it. ;-)There is a link way down this thread that connects to an article about needing more nutrition when your job is very physical but I am not finding a link to change things within that article. I think right now my settings are defaulted to the assumed sedentary lifestyle. I am most definitely not sedentary. When you reply to me you refer to the "link below". I am not seeing a link within your reply.
I finished that 5k with a time of 32:26 which is about average for me. I was afraid I would be SO much slower. I ate half my breakfast. So I am thrilled. I still lack those 6 almonds. ;-)
One day I want to be able to run under 30 minutes. I know this is an unreasonable goal weighing 179. Number one goal is to get back to a normal weight.
I will log another 10 miles tomorrow. I am heading to the gym for some weights although my gut says that is counter productive to weigh LOSS. In the past I ALWAYS gain weight from weightlifting.
I got the advice to eat popcorn but I found that has 20 CARBS in it AFTER I ate it. Dang it! Don't listen to everybody advice without checking it out first.
I finally updated my calorie intake on the fitness page. Every week is has that red script that says you are burning too much, that I always ignore. It says to eat 1,200 to 1,500. So I will do that, although I KNOW I can NOT eat 1,500 without weight gain. I have been eating 1,300 to MAINTAIN 179lbs for the last two years.

Yes, my doctor know how much I run. He is a runner too and a member of the Knoxville Track Club. I am VERY involved with KTC. I direct one of their races and volunteer at least once a month for them. And I run with them on the group runs. My doctor used two methods to check my body fat. One a hand held device that I held with both hands stretched out and then these pitching calipers measuring at the back of the arm and on the belly. 33%. He stressed I need to get to 28% or lower to be healthy and 22% if I wanted to run that sub 30 minute 5k I told him about.

So yes, I am SUPER discouraged. I enter every single bite or swallow. I measure and weigh. I am not hungry at the moment and I am most grateful. I am sure it is due to that sample of Italian ice at the race. ;-)

I have been working on getting this last bit of weight back off, with this level of strictness for the last 12 months. I seriously do not see any choice other than reduce the calories further.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,993
4/28/12 6:54 A

You might want to try the link again b/c I just clicked on it and it worked for me. Does your doctor know how much you're running when he gives you a carb recommendation? Have you tried other cardio activities to try and mix things up a little? My advice would be to put the scale away for a while and focus on measurements. What tool did your doctor use to test your body fat?

I can tell you're very frustrated. Honestly, I don't think your discipline is terrible- I think you're extremely active and your body is telling you that it needs more food than it's getting. 1000 calories/day is only going to make the problem worse.

Coach Jen

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4/27/12 8:46 P

The link below is giving me an error.
I lift weights twice a week. I have run less miles but I always gain weight. I gain weight from lifting weights too. I show the same body fat% though. I can not do squats. I tore my meniscus. I do not have insurance adequate to fix it, or a job to allow time off for the surgery and recovery. So no squats. I can still run though, strangely, just not very fast.
I have had my thyroid tested. It is normal. My doctor wants me eating no more than 150 carbs a day. If you look at my tracker I eat WAY more. My discipline is terrible.
I know from trying the more calories I gain weight immediately if I eat over 1,500 calories. The last time I gave it a good hard long try, 6 weeks and I gained to almost 190lbs. I can not eat over 1,500 calories. Period. Remember I am PAST menopause.
I have lost weight before eating 1,200 calories, it is just very hard to stay hungry all the time. I am hungry right now and I had my last snack.
Running with the lower carbs is hard. I passed out at Sam's Club after a 10 mile run. I started taking gels to help with the blood sugar although it increases my calories. Can't win for losing.
I am pretty discouraged. I am considering attempting to try 1000 calories a day for a while and see if I lose any weight.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,993
4/27/12 10:22 A

I know this isn't what you want to hear, but with as much as you run and your job, there's no way you're eating enough with 1300 calories. I also think with the mileage you run, trying to keep your carbs lower is going to make that difficult- which is why you're probably hungry and tired. Have you thought about decreasing your mileage a little? Are you doing any strength training? When you update your calorie range to include how many calories you burn through cardio exercise and take your active job into account (from the link below), what calorie and carb range does the site give you?

Coach Jen

LADYV2010 Posts: 77
4/27/12 10:00 A

Are the carbs you are eating more refined? Because those don't stick with you long and leave you feeling hungry.

Complex carbs and protein will help you feel fuller longer.

JBEDFORD0 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/27/12 8:12 A

Thanks coach Jen. I am 5'8". My body fat is 33%, per doctor tested and I weigh 179.5 lbs.
My doctor said to eat no more than 150 carbs a day. If I could stay in that I would probably lose weight but I get SO hungry I can't sleep at night. Or struggle with sleeping.
I am also sore from all the running. And all the housecleaning.
I am 44 years old and past menopause. My doctor confirmed this also. Yes, I know I am young.
Right now I am trying hard to stay about 1,300 calories a day and under 150 carbs. Most days I don't make it and I am sure this is why I am not losing the weight.
My discipline is thin.

JBEDFORD0 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/27/12 8:07 A

Yes. I had a full workup down by my doctor. My body fat is 33%. I should be no higher than 28%.
He suggested I eat no higher than 150 carbs a day, so I adjusted the spark people food plan to equal that.
I go off that plan at night because I am so hungry I can't sleep.
I stayed on plan last night and am very tired this morning because I kept waking up hungry. I hope this levels out.
For my long term health, I need to get back down to a normal weight. For me, I am 5'8", that is 163lbs or less. I really liked how I looked at 155lbs. This morning I weighed 179.5lbs. This weight takes years of my life off. I HAVE to get this under control again.
I have a weakness for carbs. I HAVE to say no and think about what keeping this 20lbs extra weight means to my life expectancy.

AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,418)
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4/26/12 9:40 A

Have you ever gotten a body fat test? Have you gotten lab work done to rule out medical issues?

LADYV2010 Posts: 77
4/26/12 9:22 A

BMI is not accurate. My husband's BMI says he is obese. He has about 10% body fat and has a lot of muscle. He also has to get taped in the Marine Corp because he is over the weight for his height.

I would not get hung up on BMI. Also, instead of weighing yourself, maybe you should pay attention to measurements. Muscle is dense, if you are adding muscle, you may not be losing weight, but you would be losing inches.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,993
4/26/12 9:17 A

BMI doesn't always work for everyone, so I wouldn't focus on that too much. What is your current weight and how tall are you? Have you ever had your body fat tested to know how close you are to the healthy range? What is your SP recommended calorie range? Here's an Ask the Expert that explains how to adjust your calories for an active job.

If you did that, what would your range be compared to how much you're eating now? Do you measure yourself? Is it possible you've lost inches even if the scale isn't moving?

Coach Jen

JBEDFORD0 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/26/12 8:37 A

I have been eating about 1,600 calories a day. I work a very physical job. I clean 4 to 5 houses a day. I am a maid. I work five days a week. I run 25 to 30 miles a week. I was lifting weights every other day, but I noticed 5 to 7lbs of weight gain. My BMI is 27.2
I did have a 24 BMI but I gained some weight back after a big weight loss is 2009. My BMI went from 44 to 24. It gradually climbed back and has settled at 27.2
I have tried to add calories. This DOES NOT WORK. I gain weight every time. Please do not suggest that. I have tried to reduce calories to 1,200. I can do this for ONE day. Day two I am STARVING. MUST EAT. I have tried diet pills. Does not work. I have tried increasing the running. I am getting injured now.
I am pretty discouraged. I have been to 6 months of WW meetings. I have carefully tracked EVERY MORSEL goes into my mouth.
Still not an once of weight loss. I really am worried about maintaining this high BMI as to what it is doing to my lifespan, etc. Healthy weight is a BMI of 25 or less.

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