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4/6/13 12:43 A

I think we've all been there many times..

Just remember: the scale doesn't define us and although its hard to not get discouraged, we have to keep pushing through and let the weight come off as it is. If you're eating good, nutritious food and working out, it will eventually fall into place.

Are you doing the same workouts or switching it up? When your workouts become easier, it's time to step it up a notch. Also, where your calories come from is a big part of the equation.

Like you said, you're in a rut. It's much better to be in that kind of rut then being in a rut off program. It will take quite some time to get 100lbs off the "natural" way and the time will pass keep putting in the work and keep ur eyes on the prize! And keep that scale Away..and find victories in your everyday changes. God bless

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4/5/13 6:24 P


Click on this link and then follow the prompts to create your
Click appropriate boxes to make you trackers public and with a closer look at what you are doing it will be more meaningful to advise you.

16 pound is a month is way more than the recommended rate of 1 - 2 pounds per week. It is however to lose an intitial larger amount so that would make this big lose make sense.

The idea is to create a new lifestyle that you can happily sustain. It takes time, patience and perseverance. Keep doing all the good things you are doing for yourself and the results you want will come. emoticon

I wish you success!

4/5/13 6:13 P

I'm guessing your burning 1080 calories a week? If so, you are definitely eating too few calories. My goal for calories is 1200-1550 without any exercise at all. When I told SP that I exercised away 1000 calories a week, the calories I needed to eat jumped up.

1200-1550 is the absolute minimum number of calories for a small woman, with a sedentary lifestyle. If you get any exercise at all, you will need more calories than that.

There is a place here on SP where you enter the number of calories you burn, and it will adjust how much you need to eat. Poke around and you should be able to find it.

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4/4/13 10:47 P

I'm not sure how to make my nutrition tracker public. My daily calories are 1220-1550. For the most part I stay within my numbers, there have been a few days I have went a little over, but not by much. I have decreased carbs, increased protein, cut out soda and most of the yummy stuff that's my weakness :)

My goal calories to burn are 1040, and 180 minutes. I hit my goal, sometimes I am able to do a little more.

The weight I lost was all in the first 2 1/2 weeks, as soon as I cut out soda I lost that.

I will start figuring the calories I burn along with those that I eat in a day. I just haven't got the "science" of it down yet, which is why I posted.

4/3/13 10:56 P

Well, your nutrition tracker isn't public. Sometimes a really easy answer can come from taking a look at that.

It's really important to make sure you are factoring your exercise into your goal for calories. For example, if you eat 1300 calories in a day (and your range is 1200-1550), and then you run and burn 500 calories, you've caused a problem for your body. You've left it 800 calories to exist with...and nothing to repair with. It's a pretty common for me to see one or two people a day here on the message boards who are eating WAY too few calories, thinking that it will speed up their progress...BUT it's the exact opposite! Your body will try to protect you (because it thinks you're starving), and it will conserve every single calorie you take in.

Your weight loss slows down, so you work harder, so your body tries to save you even more!

It seems counter-intuitive, but sometimes you have to eat MORE to lose weight. said that you have been doing this for a month, and have lost 16lbs. That's FOUR pounds a week! Safe weight loss is one to two pounds a week. Losing even faster than you are now is definitely unsafe.

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4/3/13 7:31 P

Ok, I have been doing this for about a month now. I exercise at least 5 days a week. I also hit my minute/calorie goals, and sometimes well beyond. I stick to my nurtition goal, although on few days I went over by 100 or so calories, which just makes me work harder the next day. I have lost about 16 lbs so far and cannot seem to get past that. I think I may be building muscle and not losing the actual weight, yet. But it gets so discouraging. I have physically done things I have not done in YEARS, such as jogging, even though it was 1/2 a mile (i walked the other 1 1/2 mile). I do feel better and will keep with it, but I just want to see more progress. Would love to hear something positive from someone else who has been through the same. I will not give up, when I don't like the numbers I see, or I slip up on what I eat I work that much harder and feel that more determined. Just hate being stuck at a mere 16 lbs, my goal was to lose 100.....ugh. I know it takes time, but UGH none the less.

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