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6/16/12 12:57 P

You don't give too much information, so I will make a wild guess. Uncontrollable binge eating towards the end of the day is usually a consequence of not eating enough until then. Fat loss does not work by starving the body. In fact, as soon as you starve yourself, your way of life becomes unsustainable.

May be you should read about goal setting for fat loss. This is a highly incremental phenomenon, you must lose the fat slowly to be able to keep it off. It is similar to earning something or deserving it by working for it. If you deserve something by spending your time and effort on it, you will eventually get it and also you will get to keep it. Anything that comes easy will go easy. So you need to learn how to change your life little by little in an effort to lose all your excess fat in a reasonable time frame. I have set myself 6 months initially, and it turned out to be insufficient. I had to postpone it to a year. Now I see even a year won't be enough. But that does not discourage me, I know I will get there, it is only a matter of time. So give yourself an entire year initially. That is plenty of time to work on acquiring healthy eating and exercise habits while ditching the unhealthy ones.

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Here's an article you might find helpful:

Do you think you're trying to be too restrictive with what you're eating early in the day, so that the binge is more likely to happen at night? Have you ever talked to your doctor or another professional about what's going on?

Weight loss isn't easy. The best thing you can do is get to the root of why you're eating, so that you can develop a plan to keep yourself on track.

Coach Jen

6/15/12 11:59 A

I've struggled with Binge Eating Disorder for many years. Honestly, getting to the root of the problem is what helped me the most and for me it was difficult and I still struggle. Even if it's AFTER the binge, try to ask yourself why you binged. Were you upset about something, stressed, anxious? Writing in a journal helps me. It may seem silly, but taking a shower or bath helps me to collect my thoughts in a coherent manner (I tend to get racing, disjointed thoughts when I'm upset and simply being in water is meditative for me).

Do not hate who you are and hating yourself fat is doing just that. Remind yourself of all your positive attributes and remember that getting healthy is within your power. It's not going to be a straight journey. There will be setbacks along the way.

If anything, I recommend seeing a therapist. I did for awhile and after finding a good one that I worked well with, it helped me to figure out the reasons for my binging. I was on anti-anxiety and depression medication for awhile and that helped too. Medication does have it's purpose, but IMHO it should be used as an aid, not as the solution itself.

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6/15/12 11:56 A

Didn't you post a couple of days ago that you were doing a Fasting program?

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I have been trying to control my eating habits. I usually start the day with good food planning anruin it at the end of the day with a ridiculous binge. I have a binge problem that I am trying to stop.

I hate being fat. I wish my effort would just pay off....but no, when I went on the scale, it showed that I gained. I feel so depressed. I wish to go see a doctor and ask for pills that will help me out.

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