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5/16/12 3:02 P

ARCHIMEDESII isn't THAT the truth!

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5/16/12 10:45 A


You most definitely can do it. BUT, one thing to remember. Don't look at weight loss with an all or nothing mentality. If the only healthy thing you were to do for yourself was to drink 8 glasses of water, that's still a step in the right direction. Remember, you're trying to change habits learned over a life time. that's not going to happen overnight, a week, a month or even a year. Change takes time, thus the need to be patient with yourself and your body.

So, let's say you ate a healthy breakfast this morning, but over ate at lunch. Does this mean you should chuck the whole day in and eat at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner ? Of course not ! You give yourself credit for the positive things you do for yourself and you don't beat yourself up if you're not perfect. You don't have to be perfect to be healthy. If you were to eat a healthy breakfast each morning for one week and nothing else, that IS progress ! This week you eat a healthy breakfast each morning, next week, you eat that healthy breakfast and take a daily walk.

think progress, not perfection. Perfection is why so many people give up. You're human, not a machine.

PRINCESSAA12 Posts: 473
5/16/12 3:44 A

You can do it. As much as it seems like a struggle, refuse to focus on that for too long. Do whatever you can to stay on track. If you fell off, just get back on and start over. You're bound to keep falling off the track every once in a while. That's ok. Just don't beat yourself up for it. emoticon

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5/16/12 1:38 A

Just do what you can and be proud of the small things. Every day is the begining. emoticon

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5/15/12 10:14 P

Sometimes my days are filled with so much chaos that it's hard to plan my food choices and meals. Then, I get frustrated with myself and lose the motivation....just started a few weeks ago and it feels so difficult to get back on track!

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