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11/10/12 8:07 P

I have stretching on my fast track list as well. For 15 min a day. I have no need for hurting; so stretching with the exercises from my 4 past therapists will help help me take care of two needs. 1 stretching and 2 no pain from tight tendons.
So now I need to figure out how to move from the need for not hurting interfering with the pain that exercise causes.

11/10/12 7:29 P

That answers my question- thank you!! emoticon

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11/10/12 6:32 P

I also have stretching as part of my FastBreak goals. You don't have to track them anywhere on the fitness tracker. As you check the box when you complete this task, it is all I do to track.

Does this answer your question? I'm not sure I understood what you were asking.

11/10/12 10:31 A

My fast break goal for fitness is to stretch for 5 minutes a day. I chose this because my chiropractor recommended some stretches to help my back problems and I always forget to do them... so what better motivation than to track them as my fast break goals!?

My question though is about tracking them... should I input the 5 minutes as fitness time on my tracker to track calories burned or does it not really matter?

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