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I've been a victim of stress/ emotional eating as well. (Most people are stressed, not just nursing students!) You have to find some alternative coping mechanisms for when times get hard, without turning to food. Some examples include exercise, journaling, talking to a friend, listening to music, reading a book, cleaning the house, etc. Basically keep your mind and hands busy elsewhere. Food can be an addiction, just like cigarettes. Both used to temporarily relieve stress, but neither is a permenant or healthy solution. You're always going to have stress in your life, and you need to find another way to cope with it. If your situation is very serious you may want to consider counseling.

I'd also stick to "non-addictive" foods. What I mean by that are foods that won't trigger binge eating. There's a reason Lay's has the slogan "You can't eat just one". Some foods, particularly processed foods which are engineered to be hyperpalatable. Stick with foods that are wholesome and provide your body with vitamins, minerals and nourishment. And drink plenty of water.

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Stress and anxiety from worrying about school can take a toll on a person's health as well as their weight. I'm a firm believer that stress is a neglected aspect of weight gain. If a person could reduce their stress, they'd automatically reduce their waistline.

How many classes do you take each day ? Do you have time set aside for meals ? exercise ? If not, you need to add those to your schedule. Make time for them so that you don't feel overwhelmed later. Start your day with a nutritious breakfast and then have a decent lunch so that you're not getting tired by the afternoon.

When a person gets stressed out or is so busy they don't have time to eat, that sets them up for a binge later in the day. If you find yourself over eating, try to eat at regular intervals during the day so that you're not ravenous later. Try to eat foods that are high in fiber. Eating foods that are high in fiber will help keep you full for longer.

Also, if you are under a lot of stress, now is the time your body really needs that nourishing wholesome food. Stress breaks down a person's immune system. So, if you want to strengthen that immune system, you have to do your best to eat right.

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As a former nursing student myself, I can relate to the stressors that go along with studying and preparations for your classes.

Planning ahead and having healthy foods ready when the munchies hit may help. Fruit and veggies are loaded with fiber, therefore they may feel you up without the calories that are found in many processed foods. Also having foods in individual serving baggies keeps us from eating mindlessly out of the whole bag or box. Also make sure you stay well-hydrated and if you can find some time to a break away from your studying for a short walk just to clear your head that may help curb your desire to eat.

I hope this helps and wish you well with your studies.

Coach Nancy

2/16/13 8:55 P

Is there any particular aspect of being a nursing student that's stressing you out? I work at a college and we have a pretty big nursing school. I know that there are support groups set up for the students, because it really is difficult to handle it all!

I know when I was working full time and going to school full time, I absolutely had to squeeze in time for my exercise. I would walk five miles a day and do yoga. Of course that cut into my sleeping schedule, but if I didn't do it, the stress would overwhelm me!

Sometimes we forget how much exercise helps with managing stress. See if your school offers stress management or yoga classes for the nursing students!

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Hey! So I'm a Nursing Student and it is super stressful! Recently I've been noticing that I have been eating WAYYY more than I should. Like I'm going over my calorie limit by 1000 calories each day and so obviously I'm not loosing any weight. I was wondering if you guys have any tips for how to stop stress eating. Thanks so much everyone! God Bless! :)

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