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SUZZQ4LIFE Posts: 1,232
3/29/12 3:12 P

I do 2 days a week and have selected 6 of the core exercises from Sparkpeople. It works for me. I'm trying to strengthen my shoulders and lower back. There's lots of exercises to pick from. Start easy and slow though. I worked up to 2 reps of 12-15. emoticon

HUSKERLAND3 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/29/12 3:05 P

definitely 2-3 days -

3 sets
12-15 reps
Lighter weights...

You want to build your endurance over time. It is not something that just happens.

JADOMB SparkPoints: (134,622)
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3/29/12 1:26 P

For any beginner, I recommend 2-3 days per week with light weights or no weights and doing just a few of the basic exercises to start your body and mind into accepting this routine. Too many folks start to agresively and think it is easy the first day out. Then the pain and stiffness sets in and they can't move for a week and they give up. So first, condition and teach your body by doing full motion and proper technics. Make sure you can easily do 12-15 reps and only do 2 sets. Pick out around 6 simple exercises and focus mainly on core exercises. Then as you feel up to it, slowly increase exercises and/or weight. If you do it right and slowly, you will only have minor soreness and stiffness that should go away after a day of rest and you will be able to repeat and continue on as a regular routine instead of a short term goal. Keep the faith.

DREAVG Posts: 3,215
3/28/12 10:41 P


I agree with the other posters. ST two or three times a week, making sure 48 hours is between sessions and warming up and stretching after is the best course of action.

On a separate note, great job making the choice to add in ST and to ask for information on something new.


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3/28/12 9:52 P


When it comes to ST, you want to give 48 hours recovery between your workouts or longer, depending on how quickly you recover.

Coach Nancy

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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3/28/12 8:13 P

DEfinitely give at least one rest day (minimum - if you're really sore, you may need more) between strength days... just starting out, I wouldn't do more than 2 oe 3 days, depending on what you're capable of.

It's really, really important to stretch after you work out and warm up before (there IS a difference), and make sure you listen to your body. Discomfort is normal... *pain* is not. If it hurts, don't try to power through it.

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CWOLFE83 Posts: 1
3/28/12 8:08 P

I want to start strength training. I plan on doing Tamilee Webb's I want that body dvd. My question though is how many days should I start out at? Sometimes my shoulder acts up, so I don't want to end up pulling anything. Any ideas? TIA!

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