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HEATHERJH Posts: 116
7/8/03 2:48 P

kcarrol...I replied on the sparkpeople stars forum

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7/8/03 9:22 A

Hi Heather,

Which islands are you going to in Hawaii?

I visited Oahu and Maui a few years back. They were both beautiful. I hope I can return to the "Aloha State" some day.

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HEATHERJH Posts: 116
7/7/03 10:29 P

Thanks for the input...I did post in SparkPeople stars

7/7/03 3:11 A

Heatherjh, I'm glad you posted. I will definitely try to encourage and keep tabs on you as you continue your streak. How did your first couple of days go? You know, one thing you might want to do is to start a "Streakin' for Hawaii" thread on the SparkPeople Stars board. A bunch of us use that board to post information about how we are progressing towards reaching our goals. That way its easy for someone to post encouragements and tips. I encourage you to start posting there. Well good luck on your streak, and keep me posted on how its been going so far.


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HEATHERJH Posts: 116
7/3/03 5:23 P

Okay, I've never posted before though I've been at this since March '03. I'm going to Hawaii in September and I am stepping it up a notch. Here are the goals: exercise 5 times a week (which includes 5 cardio and 3 weight training days) and no more than 125 calories of sweet a day (big fat hairy deal for me because I am a candy freak).

I have ten weeks to go...please encourage me on my way.

Thanks, Heather

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