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3/28/12 4:39 P

Honestly.. I do what i gotta do during the day.. I MEAN EVERYTHING before i watch tv. I will turn on the tv around 9pm that gives me 2 hours to watch what i want.. AND it keeps me focused on tv and not food b4 bed..

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3/28/12 3:49 P

It is true that when you do HIIT, you can't really watch TV or even listen to your music. But it is also true that you can't always do HIIT, sometimes you just do your exercise in a casual manner, without pushing it too hard. Then, one can watch TV, a movie, or listen to some music. As long as watching TV motivates people to workout, it can even be considered useful! But if it causes people to become couch dwellers who snack constantly junk food, then it is obviously not a good practice.

3/28/12 2:05 P

In my opinion watching TV or reading while working out detracts from the quality of the workout which is why I recommend my clients not do it. If you can watch TV while on an elliptical or treadmill you are not concentrating on your workout and getting the most our of it. If you need the distraction you are not working at a productive and quality level of intensity. Substituting duration for intensity is not a productive way to workout.

You can obtain a quality cardio workout in twenty to thirty minutes if the intensity is high enough and consume the same if not more calories than with one of a longer duration.

I am Sergeant Major and I approve this post.

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3/28/12 12:12 P

1. wasted time.
2. wasted brain capacity.
3. wasted emotions.
4. temptation to buy, eat, be discontent with what you have.

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3/28/12 11:40 A

It seems this is something everyone has an opinion on. I agree with a lot of them. I think that some people should not workout in front of the tv because they don't work as hard. For me? It would depend on my workout. I think I oculd be challenged on the elliptical or treadmill, but other things I might not work as hard because of the distraction. I watch tv, but don't let it rule my life.

I think the biggest problem is many people mindlessly snack in front of the tv, Before you realize it, you've consumed half your days calories!

I only think tv is really bad if you watch rather than do anything active.

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3/28/12 11:22 A

To each his or her own. TV doesn't cause someone to be fat. The person does it to him or herself.

Now, watching TV at the expense of getting up and moving on occasion, or eating mindlessly while watching TV= bad. But watching TV in moderation (an hour in the evening, a sporting event, a movie) for entertainment purposes and controlling your urge to eat= no problem.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
3/28/12 10:27 A

My husband & I watch a decent amount of TV. I hula hoop while we watch for at least an hour daily. I think part of the recommendation to stop watching TV is because of the propensity to snack while watching; depending on how much to it takes away time from being active, whether you're going for a walk, exercising, or even moving around in the kitchen. I like to read though and I'm not moving during that, so I think it's mostly the snacking issue.

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3/28/12 9:32 A

I think those messages are for those who do nothing but sit on the couch and watch tv. They are trying to get those couch potatoes off the couch and do something. I have read those kind of articles. I'm one that exercises, but watch way too much tv and I seem to be on my laptop way too much to. Those are two habits I need to change. I have dragged my recumbent bike in and watched tv, but not enough.

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3/28/12 5:57 A

I love my TV, I find it helps me destress and relax

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3/28/12 5:10 A

I only started watching the Biggest Loser on the ipad during my treadmill workouts..because 8-10 miles on the treadmill is terrible without SOME sort of distraction. Anything shorter, I don't even need music.

I haven't watched actual TV (like sit on the couch and flip channels) since the 1990s. Coincidentally, I was in my worst physical shape at the time. There are plenty of people who do not watch TV..and as the previous poster stated, it leads to mindless snacking, inactivity, and if you watch A LOT of TV, you certainly cannot be exercising while watching all of the time.

And as a side most overweight friends are also the ones who talk about TV shows all. the. time. So while it may not be true 100%...healthier, active people of a normal weight generally spend less time on their butts in front of the stupid tube.

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3/28/12 1:15 A

If your only tool is a hammer, the whole world becomes a nail. And, if all you read about mass communication media is bad, your view of the subject will be distorted and skewed toward the negative.

Electronic media has changed the face of civilization and set it on a much more productive course. However, as with anything, it can be abused and there will be those who will make fodder of such abuse.

That said, I couldn't agree more with you about what a great distraction television can be from the mind numbing monotony of grinding away on my treadmill.

Good luck and good health!!

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3/27/12 11:50 P

Well, the problem with the tV is that it increases mindless activity; it's not bad, anymore than eating is, or sleeping is, but like anything, it's bad for you in excess.

I've never seen a lot of advice to stop watching TV; I've seen advice about not watching TV while you eat, especially during family dinners and such.

45 minutes watching TV while on a treadmill is hardly bad... but who knows, maybe without it, yuo could focus more on your workout and challenge yourself more. :)

As for the brain/food thing... many, many people (like myself) don't have DVR technology, and can't. There's a proven link between commercials and overconsumption in general, and that's not invalidated by your personal experience. :)

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3/27/12 11:22 P

I keep reading stupid articles about 'stop watching TV'. I don't get it. I put an elliptical excercise machine in front of the TV. Turn on my favorite show, and I have no problem getting through a 45 minute workout. It keeps my mind off of how much time is left and how tired I might feel after 20 minutes. Take the elliptical away from the TV and forget about it! I'd be lucky to get through 15 minutes. I also read that the commercials entice your brain to eat more food. So wrong, I have a DVR so I FFWD through the commercials and don't even watch them. I NEVER just sit and watch TV. I always do SOMETHING else at the same time. What I don't understand is the articles I have been reading have such a lack of creativity and suggestions. They just say "don't watch TV" rather than suggesting put an exercise bike in front of the TV, or do sit ups while watching, or whatever. Get real, people watch TV and they're not going to stop. Now find a way to make it good for your body. I hope this can be inspirational.

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