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CHELLEG10FIT2DA Posts: 439
3/25/12 5:25 A

I realize that this topic hasn't been active for a while, but, felt the need to respond. I had a very mean hurtful step mom and it has really affected my life. I would have loved it if my Dad or Mom would have stood up for me when she was mean to me. Her mean manipulative ways have continued as I have gotten older and have expanded to include my children. She is at her worst when I am on her territory so I don't go to their house anymore. I will not let my kids stay with them and get mentally abused by her.

Words hurt!!! I am sorry she said such a hurtful thing to your son. She really needs to be told how inappropriate she was for saying such a mean thing to a child.

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3/9/12 8:38 A

When our babies hurt, we hurt. That's just how it is.

You're a bigger woman than I am because the FIRST thing I would have done after calming my child down would have been to drive to her house and snatch her hair out. You just don't talk to a baby that way. I don't care if they just poured red paint in the seat of a ninety thousand dollar car. NO WAY would I tolerate someone talking to my child that way.

Apparently your ex husband doesn't get it. I suggest a counseling session with the whole family, including the evil witch that can't watch her mouth. That way, all sides of the story can be heard with an impartial person to get it through her thick skull that children are infinitely precious creatures who need to be nurtured and loved, not ripped into or called names for something they can't control.

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3/2/12 10:09 P

That's exactly what I'm trying to do. Unfortunately, my ex husband is defending her with the excuse of "she made a mistake and she's sorry". Well, HELLO, the damage is done! I suggested to him that he give me full custody of the kids for awhile to keep them away from her, or at the VERY LEAST, only have them when he is home with them instead of leaving them alone with her. I had to drop my son off there tonight for his dad's visitation week, and his dad wasn't home yet. My son asked me to drive around until his dad got home, so he didn't have to be home alone with this woman. This man needs to get a clue!!! Thank you for your post, I apprecaite your kind words and support.

ANDILH Posts: 1,543
3/2/12 8:47 P

I'm with you. I would be furious! For someone to say that to a child, any child regardless of abilities, is just amazing to me. Your son is at the age where low self worth can really cause permanent damage to his mental health. That a person who should be a responsible parent in his life would say that to him means she probably shouldn't be that involved in his life. I don't know what your specific situation is, but I hope that your son is able to realize how much you love him. I'm just so flabbergasted that someone would say that to a child. I am so sorry that someone would be so cruel to a child who is already hurting. Is it possible to keep him away from her?
If there was ever a custody issue, can you convince your son that you fought for him, that you chose him, kind of a thing?

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3/1/12 11:10 P

Off the topic of weight, but I have got to vent. My son is 10 and he's got bipolar, ODD, and emotional distress. He also has zero self confidence because of all this. Yesterday he had a meltdown episode, and his step mother told him he's retarded. I'm absolutely FUMING over this. Is it just me? Would you be just as mad if someone told your child that, especially while we're in the process of trying to adjust his meds and help him? My child thinks he's not good enough for anyone, and that he's worthless, and has voiced this. And now over the last 24 hours, I've had to try to convince him how much I love him, and he still tells me he does not believe me. It breaks my heart. And his daddy wonders why he has no self confidence... I'm so mad, and hurting for him so badly. emoticon

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