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7/20/12 1:05 P

You know PJPOLARBear this is what generally happens to me. It is a see it or think it - want it eat it. It is very confusing. 3 years ago I was very successful and lost 80 lbs. For some reason it just seemed to click - then there was some stress and I gained over half of it back. For a year now I have tried to make it work again and just a couple of days and then back to eating everything. I have grown out of most of my cloths and refuse to buy more. Then July 1 I came onto Sparkpeople and so far it is clicking again and I have lost 8 lbs. I am so afraid that once again it will go away. I wish I had the magic fairy dust that would keep me here. When it works it works and it just seems easy to remind myself that I do not want to eat this and the self talk works. I sounds stupid - it is so easy sometimes and impossible the next. I don't have the magic key. The best advise to give is that you keep on trying. If you have a slip then get back to it. Keep trying over and over and try not to get too discouraged because when it works it works. You just try to learn from mistakes and keep trying till it does work because if you keep at it you will find it. I do know also that if I can stay consistant with my exercise then it is easier to manage my food. It could be a couple of things - the exercise helps manage my blood sugar and/or if you work hard taking it off then you don't want to go home and stuff your face and undo everything you just work hard for. Everyone keep trying.

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7/20/12 11:39 A

I did better last night. Went to Bunco and loaded my plate with green salad. No wine, just a bottle of water. When I got home my husband was eating popcorn, but I didn't have any.

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7/20/12 12:55 A

I often use my kids to motivate me. If I promise my 3 year old we will do something active... he WON'T let me forget and I hate to disappoint him so it works.

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7/19/12 11:27 P

I joined the 10 minutes/day of exercise too. I didn't get it in yesterday, but I did today! emoticon After a successful day of tracking my food yesterday, I woke up with a lot more motivation this morning.


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7/19/12 5:38 P

I just started today, too. My days go pretty well, I eat what I should, journal what I eat, walk briskly for 30 minutes at lunch, but it's the evenings when I fall apart. I make a healthy dinner for everyone, but then, they want ice cream or popcorn and I find myself just going along and eating all the wrong things. I'm not even hungry! What do you do or eat when everyone else is snacking?

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7/19/12 7:27 A


plan ahead
portion control
divide and conquer. If you bring in a large portion into the house; immediately get out containers and your scale and divide it up in serving sizes.

Chart your menu, your grocery list, and track your intake.

Move a little (join that 10 minute challenge if you wish).
Look to the others who have replied who are newly beginning, and make a pact to be accountable to each other, discussing not only successes, but also challenges.

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7/19/12 5:22 A

I love food too, and nothing is off limits to me! If I want it bad enough, I plan it into my day. Planning and balance is the key.

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7/18/12 7:13 P

Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. We just have to motivate each other. I have only been a member for about 2 hours and I am well on my way to becoming motivated to start excercising. I joined the 10 mins. a day exercise challenge. Why don't you join with me?

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7/18/12 7:00 P


Just remember you do not have to go hungry to lose weight. SparkPeople is not about deprivation, but with careful planning all foods are possible but in the proper portion and with moderation. But remember too, that exercise--both cardio and strength training, are helpful in expending calories and helping keep our motivation to embrace a healthy lifestyle going.

Hang in there!

Coach Nancy

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7/18/12 6:52 P

I just started today too. I lost weight in the past - 110 lbs! - but 70 lbs has creeped back on since the birth of my son 4+ years ago. emoticon I am having so much trouble getting motivated again, and don't know how to fix that, which is why I set up my SP account today.


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7/18/12 6:35 P

I just started today and I really need motivation because I love food! I love to eat. I eat when I'm happy. I eat when i'm sad. I eat when I'm angry, bored, or depressed. Food and eating is my best friend. How do I part from my best friend? Please help me Sparks family! emoticon

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