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4/29/12 9:29 P

Sounds like you have made the decision to change your life and you are out there doing it. I have learned that the weight will not come off as easy as I put it on. Don't let that get to you and that idea is hard to but just keep up with what your doing and before you know it you will have lost 10 pounds and then more. Keep up the great work!

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4/29/12 3:52 P

Good for you, I was very stationary for a good part of my life, I started April 2nd, and so far on my last weekly weigh in I had lost 5 lbs, I know it's not much but it's a start I gained 5 lbs at a time why shouldn't I lose it the same way,some times it tough to start something new, but so far I have managed to do the 10 min per day work outs & sometimes I add a minute or two, I just started to walk on my treadmill 3 times a day 10 minutes each time, this week I'll add a minute or two to those walks, I also do the 10 min excersises, I printed out & taped them to the door in my office & I put which day they are for ( M,W,F) ( T,TH,SA) ( Sun), then I just get up and do them, this weekend I was chaparoning a school trip to Magic Mountain, I was worried I won't lie, the food, didn't have my weights, ets, but I figured it out a few of the kids wanted to walk down a small hill( didn't seem that small when I had to walk up it ...LOL ), to get Iccees so I said OK, I walk only took a few minutes,( 6-8 min maybe ), but while waiting for the kids in the store I just steped up and down the curb,you know one foot up the other foot up then one down the other down & I just kept doing it , there was a lday in a car watching me , she rolled down her window & said "I'm jealous" now I have never had someone say that to me about a very small excersise I was doing it felt kinda good,my small part to helping myself & mankind ...LOL, it takes very small steps, and each week just add another something ,anything, I drank lots of water while at the park,walked when I could,and sat if I had too, you know kids, " please hold this, that ,whatever, so they could go on a ride," I believe in you, YOU CAN DO THIS, I'm hoping tomorows weigh in that I will of reached this past weeks goal of loosing 2 more pounds, & I think I may of just done it

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