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PHATMAMA321 Posts: 10
4/29/12 6:04 P

thank you all for your comments. It means a lot to know I'm not the only one with this challenge. Your right I have to make me a priority. So ladies pray for me and look forward to watching my post, because the healthy life style change IS going to HAPPEN. I have started drinking more water, I've cut back to one soda a day and that's at work. So, determination, self-discipline, motivation, and God knows some sleep I will make it. Thanks

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4/29/12 3:52 A

I get off work at 7am, my husband has to be at work at 715am and 2 older kids to school by 810. So, I go home, get kids ready and drop them off where they all have to be( 2 different schools and youngest to babysitter) then go home and hope to be laid down by 830. I have to be up by 3pm to get the kids picked up on time. Then, between dinner and 3 kids' activities, I am on the go from 3 til whatever time I "might" get a little nap in before work. Working nights and having little ones is definitely a challenge! Just have to do what we have to do I guess... I felt like I never had time to squeeze any exercise but I decided that I AM going to take that time for me! It HAS to be a priority!

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4/29/12 3:45 A

Thanks for posting that article. I also work nights and needed some info about it. I have a hard time getting 8 hours of sleep. Actually, I RARELY get 8 hours of sleep. I've been trying to figure out a way I can get more sleep and still spend enough time with my 3 young kiddos....

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4/28/12 6:18 P

Hello and Welcome!

Here is a great article from our Healthy Lifestyle sectiont that I thought you may enjoy.

Be well,

PHATMAMA321 Posts: 10
4/28/12 5:40 P

Your right every waking minute I have I should plan some type of healthy attack. I really need to get on a schedule. With the 5 I have it's hard, I spend most of the day trying to sleep. that's probably why my eating habits aren't good. Thanks for the suggestions though.

4/28/12 5:34 P

Third shift is tough. I would decide whether you want to work out when you get up before work or after you get home from work and stick to it. Also plan your meals and snacks out in advance and go ahead and have as much prepared and ready to go. Like for lunch when I have work or school I sometimes take a turkey sandwich, so the night before I bag up my turkey and my bread then all I have to do is throw them in a lunch box and I am out the door. Good luck you can do it!

PHATMAMA321 Posts: 10
4/28/12 5:04 P

Well, here I am trying to make an effort to put myself or shall I say my HEALTH first. I am a single mother of 5 and I work 3rd shift. So, I said as one of my fast break goals I was going to incorporate 2 veggies or fruits. Which I have I bought the frozen single serving veggies by green giant. But now I've got to think about meal planning, fitness trainning, and meal tracking as well. The issue is Sleep is a major part of my day, I spend most of it trying to. So how do I schedule quality sleep around all this awake time that is necessary to a health life change. Please any ideas are welcomed and needed. I've got to make the change because my life and my family depends on it.

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