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11/27/12 5:37 P

Here's an article you might find interesting:

Just make sure you're eating enough to support your level of activity. Eating too few calories will hurt your weight loss efforts just as much as eating too many will.

Coach Jen

11/27/12 2:11 P

The reason it is so stark to me is because I have been hot my whole life, even when I was a size 4 and thin. So for me to be cold like that is very unusual since I am normally the opposite.

11/27/12 2:09 P

I am majorly cold after the workouts, but I am seeing it throughout the day here and there too. It does seem better after I eat something solid. But it's mostly after the workouts and into bedtime (I usually do my workouts a couple hours before bedtime). I haven't been eating after them since I am usually at my calorie range already.

My calorie range is 150 higher when I set it accurately to reflect my calories burned.

Thank you for the info on muscle gain! Everyone kept telling me I was just gaining muscle but I hadn't heard that it takes that long to put on muscle. I just felt like I should be making so much more progress... I was totally great in calories and quality of food (unlike the last week! LOL); and doubled my workouts and yet made less progress during this time. Just trying to figure out why and what is going on.

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11/27/12 1:57 P


Is it just after workouts that you're cold, or is it at any time of day?

As far as your calorie range goes, when you set your calories burned goal to reflect the amount of exercise you're doing, what is your recommended range compared to how much you've been eating?

Any time you start a new workout routine your muscles tend to retain water. That's a temporary thing, but can cause an increase on the scale. Gaining weight from increased muscle usually takes months (or more), so it's less likely that's what is happening.

Coach Jen

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11/27/12 12:26 P

Hi! Sounds like a great work-out program....being cold can be a sign of blood sugar drop, so watch your eating patterns! emoticon

I took a week off as well and am getting back on track.... emoticon

11/27/12 11:57 A

I started Turbofire (basically, it's toning and aerobic, about an hour a day 6x a week)... and I finally started dropping the weight again, albeit slowly. But my problem is being freezing all the time. Especially after my workouts in the evening, I'll feel chilled the entire time, halfway through the night, etc... Has anyone else had this happen, and if so, is it okay or is it a sign that I'm not getting ENOUGH to eat?

I tried upping my calorie range to go along with this exercise and I was NOT dropping... as soon as I put it down to my original (3x 30 min week workout range) 1900 calories a week range I started dropping again. I am at 224 pounds right now; started at 265 pounds and spark had me at 2000 calories then.

I know I am making progress and getting in shape big time... but I am having a hard time judging where I should be calorie range to drop WEIGHT. Before, I was doing the bootcamp and it was easy to know where to be: if I ate too much, I wouldn't drop, if I ate correctly, I would. With all toning and the hard workout program I feel like it's harder to judge where I should be because I am putting on muscle and the scale is all over the place and it's harder to see a direct correlation between what I am eating because I have all this additional stuff like muscle building, etc... to add into the equation. So my long-winded question is this: if I am having a hard time maintaining my body temperature after a hard workout, is that a good or a bad sign? LOL I don't mind it if it's okay, but if that is a sure sign that I am not getting enough I want to fix that! Thoughts? Feel free to take a look at my fitness/eating on my spark page, although for a better example of what I am doing, take a look at the dates BEFORE the 21st, I have been "off" a week for Thanksgiving and I'm not quite into the normal flow of my diet yet.

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