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7/10/12 11:23 A

Definitely stop taking the St John's Wort until you can consult with a doctor; my grandmother was taking it for memory, and her doctor made her stop because it caused a reaction with her medications and made her blood pressure spike!

Herbal remedies are not "safer" because their natural (Dr. Oz's claims aside) and they can absolutely interact with over the counter and prescription medication in surprising ways.

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7/10/12 8:48 A


I did a google search on st john's wort. I did not find any citations that recommended it for improving energy in diabetics. from what I've read, st john's wort is used to help people with depression, not low energy.

also, if a person is already taking prescribed medications, they must talk to their doctor before trying any sort of supplements. that's because supplements can and do interact with medications.

you might want to read these links on supplements

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7/9/12 9:43 P

is it still a medical question?

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I understand you are seeking help, but our members and experts are not a substitute for advice that you should receive from a medical professional. Even though St John's Wort is a supplement and sold over the counter, because the FDA (Federal Drug Admin) does not regulate these products you are not guarantee the potency regardless of the claims made.

Coach Nancy

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7/8/12 12:30 P

I've changed my question so I am not asking medical question.

Has anyone who's taken st johns wort had their energy level change from one week to the other?

Did anyone with diabetes have a drastic change in energy level from one week to the other before being diagnosed with it?

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