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9/6/12 3:23 P

thanks. I just bought size 13 shoes, too! Glad I'm doing most things right. LOTS of eggs! :)always whole grain/high fiber bread, turkey, peanut butter, cheese, yogurt. always veggies/fruit in lunch, after dinner. yogurt sundaes are a staple (yogurt, fruit, granola/cereal). and we do MonaVie juice. Just want to be sure I'm getting him good carbs & low GI for long energy. Will try to get him to take multivitamin. he balked before, but maybe he'll do it now.

I had already packed yogurt, apple, cheese, trail mix & protein bar to *choose from*. I know he is hungry after running 4-5 miles & he was about to start 2-hr marching band practice which is more marching drills than music.

I try to avoid fast food, but for some reason I felt I had to take him something else. I remember always being kinda hungry as a kid & I didn't do these sports. I never want him to feel that emptiness... but that's another story. dang, I hate baggage.

Thanks for the note. I appreciate the specifics. Good luck with your athlete & enjoy!

9/6/12 11:14 A

i have a 15 yr old athlete at my house too and the size 13 shoes to prove it, urg. don't get sucked in to the stupid expensive 'protein mixes' from the gnc. he does need extra protein but you want him to get it from the most real source. lots and lots of eggs, almond butter, peanut butter and meat. i also make smoothies with fruit, greek yogurt, and vanilla or chocolate silk and he loves them. he eats alot of subway becasue there is one across the street from his high school. i don't monitor his junk food and fast food, he usually gets that when he's out with his friends or his uncle. i rarely go to the drive thru and buy less-junk junk food. i do give mine a standard multivitamin as well.

BLUEGIRL42 Posts: 36
9/5/12 4:41 P

thanks Jadomb. He's not ready to be a sparkie -- yet. I'll do my best getting him good carbs, fiber, protein, veggies. I'll help him track at home @ let him fill in the blanks. More home lunches, less hot ones, etc. take care. emoticon

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9/5/12 3:00 P

Sounds like he is very active and doing well with his nutrition already. Fortunately at that age, they can eat tacos 24/7 and still do well when very active in sports. But this is a good time to help him learn to do it the proper way that will keep him fit and healthy for life even if the sports and activities slow down or stop. You may want him to join SP and/or see what you do to balance your intake and match it to your exercises. He is old enough to understand, and they tend not to believe us at that age anymore, but will listen to perfect strangers much better. LOL

There are lots of runners on here that can help some, but without him tracking what he is doing and what he is eating, it's hard to teach him how to do it all right. Keep the faith.

BLUEGIRL42 Posts: 36
9/5/12 1:59 A

Hello all. A brief history: my son is just 15, a busy scout. plays drums, and now a high school freshman. He's 5'11", 170# & looks trim w/just visible 6-pk abs. His only sport has been a summer swimmer for a couple of years.
He is in marching band & practices Tu/Th 5:30-7:30. and Sat 9-4. They treat the kids like athletes: stretching, cardio, learning drills, water breaks, etc.
He has just decided to take up cross-country for future scheduling advantages & cross training for swimming.
Cross-country practice is everyday, 3-5. They run about 4-5 mi & then do core strengthening.

What should I be feeding him? Esp Tu/Th when he has 20 min after class before cross country & 30 min between cross country training & marching band practice.

Today, he had hot lunch & I sent a mini-meal to have after running before band: yogurt, protein bar, apple, trail mix & of course water. Then, I saw he forgot something for band, so after running errands, I stopped at Taco Bell & picked up 2 fresco soft steak tacos for him. He was SO happy & almost hugged me right there in the band room in front of everyone! anyway, he ended up eating everything. he said he wasn't sick or too full. he felt fine, had good energy. was excited to talk about his day with me while eating & after he got home. He showered, did homework, email, chatted more & off to bed. He was comfortable & didn't want anything else to eat. I probably should've skipped the taco bell, but I chose what I thought was the healthiest option & he was so thankful & hungry when I delivered it. and thanked me 4 or 5 times.

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