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7/25/12 7:55 A

I love making split chicken breasts. I find them to be much more moist than regular boneless chicken breasts. I season them well, and then throw them into my covered baking dish with carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic, fresh herbs, etc. I then top it all with chicken broth. It always comes out very, very moist.

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
7/24/12 8:28 P

I second the suggestion to cook with the skin on, then remove before eating. I like to tuck tarragon under the skin to season the meat. (If you buy herbs from bulk bins you can get only as much as you like and it's much less expensive than buying it by the jar.)

I also like coating them with yogurt mixed with a bit of cumin and a bit of tomato paste.

Good luck with your culinary experiments!

BLBST36 Posts: 351
7/24/12 6:53 P

Thank you so much everyone! I will probably be making only 2 at a time, so I am hoping it isn't going to take an hour. I don't know how often I will be using them, but if I can start, it will be better. I am a bit squeamish about raw meat/chicken.

I will be pairing it with vegetable lo mein today and tomorrow, making it into blackened chicken salad. Yum!!

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7/24/12 4:32 P

You can roast them, seasoning with herbs and putting some under the skin. I've also marinated them in plain yogurt (make sure it has some fat in it) and curry paste. I'd suggest baking with skin on, then taking the skin off before you eat it. Doesn't add any additional fat, but helps keep the moisture in.

I also like to do this Colorado Chicken

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7/24/12 3:59 P

I make them the same way I do the boneless ones.

My favorite thing to use is Good Season's Italian Dressing mix - yummy!

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7/24/12 3:20 P

Chicken breasts are a staple in my home. I agree with Dragonchilde, the possibilities are endless. Pan fry or baked, with a little Mrs. Dash or salsa...mmm good. You can add just about anything to them to create a good meal.

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7/24/12 3:03 P

You can boil them for chicken and dumplings, soups, make them into casseroles, roast them like a regular whole chicken (I often do that instead of a whole chicken, just add water and seasoning), use them in wraps, cut them up and stir fry them with veggies, the possibilities are endless!

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7/24/12 3:00 P

Split chicken breasts, First take off the skin, way too many usless calories. Then a light brushing with olive oil. You don't have to get the expensive stuff, ordinary olive oil is fine. You can put any of your favorite herbs or spices on it. Lemon pepper is great, just a teaspoon or two depending on how many breasts you are cooking. You could even use the juice from one lemon. I also like to use tarragon with my lemon. I put just a bit of water in the bottom of the pan ( 1/2 cup) Cover your pan tightly with aluminium and put in oven at 325 degrees and slow cook for about an hour. Uncover and turn on broiler for just five minutes or so to brown a bit. Don't over do that or you will dry it out. Good luck, I love roasted chicken breasts myself

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7/24/12 2:51 P

Hey all, I am hoping you can help me. I am currently short on money at the moment and moving into a very strict budget. While boneless, skinless chicken breasts go on sale at my store, it is usually once a month or less (if you want the really good deal). I am almost out of my stash in the freezer. Currently, one store has split chicken breasts on sale for .99 cents a pound (all natural, too - my brand!!). I have no idea how to cook these. I shudder to remember the lemon pepper that was done when I was little. I think I have a little more knowledge to be able to roast them instead of a whole chicken, but other than that - I'm lost.

Can you give me any ideas on basic cooking of them?

Thanks in advance

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