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10/26/12 2:15 P

I don't exactly understand the point of all these threads I see that exist for no other purpose than to boost your sparkpoints. SP don't really account for anything other than... ?? nothing!

I mean, realistically, this site is to help people lose weight and inform about topics like nutrition, diet, exercise, and overall fitness physically and mentally. You can give yourself a billion and 1 sparkpoints if you'd like, but if you're 100 pounds overweight all the sparkpoints in the world arn't going to drop that poundage for you...

To me, it seems like the whole point of the sparkpoints is to motivate people. Whether that motivation be to exercise, educate yourself about nutrition via articles and quizzes, keep yourself accountable for your own diet, or post on the message board in an attempt to make this site more of a supportive community.

I just feel like useless posts of "getting my points!" adds nothing back to the community, and in a sense, cheats yourself out of the real-deal. Am I the only one who thinks all those posts are pointless? Pun intended.

And just FYI, this is coming from someone who really doesn't give a rats behind about my sparkpoints... I'm here for my own health and wellbeing, not a made up tally system that has no bearing or reflection on how well I am actually doing...

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