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8/26/12 8:07 A

For now SparkCoach but I'm just starting the free 2 week program. We'll see after that.

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,267)
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8/25/12 9:00 P

I like Spark Coach - but it may become too expensive for me to stay.

KMURPHY22 SparkPoints: (26,623)
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8/13/12 11:05 P

I'm trying SparkCoach right now and I'm finding it very cheesy. It reminds me of the motivational and team building seminars from the '90's. I really can't get into it. Maybe after the free trial when you can email a sparkcoach it might get better.

I also want to add that I have a master's degree in leadership so I might be a bit more critical when it comes to motivational training.

KGWINDER Posts: 1,517
8/11/12 1:41 P

Tried Spark Live and it wasn't as focused for me. It would be good for someone that need voice contact support, wants to feel socially part of a group and has a schedule that adapts well to catching the allotted time slots. I found Live personally hard because I tend to start my waking up with Spark with unkept hair etc which just didn't adapt for great self esteem in the group video situation.

Spark coach allows a more flexible time schedule it is ready when you are. It has all the tools that the general Spark pages have, but is narrowed to moving through things with a particular daily airm. There is less interaction with other members, compared to Spark Live and it ris ather like a classroom with daily lessons and follow up activity to support the lessons. This for me gives inspiration for the day and gives a happy reason to jump in the shower.

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8/11/12 12:47 P

Try them! They both have free trials. :) I didn't care for SparkLive. I like videos well enough, but I just didn't care for the format there. I love Sparkcoach... it's much more than just videos, it's got daily action steps, accountability, and lots of motivation.

SCOTAS Posts: 337
8/11/12 10:29 A

I'm just finishing up the last week from TheSpark and I'm looking to add something else to keep me on track. In general Sparkpeople has always worked well for me, until it becomes to much of a routine and then I start to slide. I had fabulous success during these 4 weeks, and I know a big part of that was that it was the added accountability of being in the 4 week breakthrough program.

So now I am trying to decide between SparkLive meetings or SparkCoach, but there is so little info out there about SparkCoach, most likely because it is so new. Has anyone tried either or even better both? Cost isn't really a concern since either option is less than the WW meeting I had to stop going to.

Thanks in advance,

Laurie emoticon

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