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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/20/12 12:09 P

if you are using a conventional blender and not a vitamix, I would greatly suggest that you blend up the greens and water first then add the fruit slowly so that the blender can puree it properly. if you are using a powder, add the powder in very last and only blend for several seconds.
I use water and don't have the frothy issue. The airy I do get and it settles down some over the 30 minutes it takes me to drink one. My are more frothy when I use almond or coconut milk

4/6/12 10:16 P

So tonight I added things in this order:

Lettuce & water- then puréed. Nice and smooth, not airy.
Added frozen strawberries and puréed some more. Still good consistency.
Added in the protein powder and this is where it seemed to really whip up and almost double in size!? But maybe it's the blender, too!?

I think next time I will try just blending everything but the protein powder, then maybe adding that in last and trying to mix it in more gently.

Years ago I had one of those hand-blenders and made smoothies all the time- with juice, water, veges, fruits, and protein powder- and I never, ever had this problem. I'm using a different blender now and a different powder.

MCNC72 Posts: 123
4/6/12 9:57 P

good ideas - I think the water makes it "frothy"

4/6/12 9:53 A

Mine is an older model (2006), but I think this is pretty much the same one:

I am going to try making another smoothie today with some of these suggestions. I plan to use romaine lettuce, frozen strawberries, chocolate protein powder, and maybe a banana. Maybe just water for liquid, or my husband has cranberry juice in the fridge I might try...

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4/6/12 8:52 A

That's a great question!

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4/5/12 8:54 P

What kind of blender?

4/5/12 3:20 A

Try using less juice, just enough to make it moist. And using bananas will always make it creamier. If you aren't vegan, honey is a great emulsifier, it will help to make your smoothie more creamy. If not honey, try agave syrup, or high grade maple syrup. Just a little will help to make every thing stick together.

KMMR87 SparkPoints: (465,852)
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4/3/12 7:30 P

Try it without the fruit/veggie combination. Just fruit. I don't use ice: fruit juice, fruit, protein powder and yogurt. No air. Let me know.

4/3/12 4:16 P

Hi guys, I've been making smoothies for myself post-workout and having a weird issue with my food processor... it seems like when I make my smoothies, they come out really frothy and airy. Am I using too fast of a setting on them?

A typical smoothie that I make consists of-

1/2-1 cup liquid (juice or water)
some ice cubes and/or frozen fruit
whatever other miscellaneous fresh fruits of vegetables I have around (berries, grapes, green pepper, apple)
whey protein powder.

It isn't the powder causing it because it happens even when I do a smoothie without the powder emoticon

Anyone else have this issue?

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